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Peek Inside Such Sweet Sorrow

Juliet may be dead, but Romeo will not give up hope of bringing her back. On his quest, Romeo enlists the help of Hamlet and his ability to communicate with ghosts. Together they venture into thedepths of the underworld, encountering monsters, demons, jealousies, and the dark underbelly of their own souls. While Juliet is in reach, will the price to pay be worth returning her to life?

Such Sweet Sorrow

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Never was there a tale of more woe than this of Juliet and her Romeo…

But true love never dies. Though they’re parted by the veil between the world of mortals and the land of the dead, Romeo believes he can restore Juliet to life, but he’ll have to travel to the underworld with a thoroughly infuriating guide.
Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, may not have inherited his father’s crown, but the murdered king left his son a much more important responsibility—a portal to the Afterjord, where the souls of the dead reside. When the determined Romeo asks for help traversing the treacherous Afterjord, Hamlet sees an opportunity for adventure and the chance to avenge his father’s death.

In an underworld filled with leviathan monsters, ghoulish shades, fire giants, and fierce Valkyrie warriors, Hamlet and Romeo must battle their way through jealousy, despair, and their darkest fears to rescue the fair damsel. Yet finding Juliet is only the beginning, and the Afterjord doesn’t surrender souls without a price…


"Dark, romantic, and absolutely amazing! Such Sweet Sorrow was a brilliant YA romance/retelling. I absolutely loved this book!" --Farrah, Goodreads

"I really enjoyed this book. Cool way to twist Hamlet and Romeo and Juliet together." --Katie Bodden, Goodreads

"This is imaginative and amazing." --Books are love, Goodreads

"This story is cleverly written and imagined and it is also complete fun!" --Lynndell, NetGalley

Additional Details

ISBN: 9781622661596
Release Date: Feb 4, 2014
Page Count: 304
Imprint: teen
Genre: fantasy
Tropes: overcoming odds, redemption, second chance

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By Farrah January 12, 2014

Dark, romantic, and absolutely amazing! Such Sweet Sorrow was a brilliant YA romance/retelling. I absolutely loved this book! From the depiction of Shakespeare's characters, to the thrills, to the unexpected twist, this book was perfection.

I have to admit, I was a bit worried going in to this book. ...more

By Katie July 12, 2017

I really enjoyed this book. cool way to twist Hamlet and Romeo and Juliet together. I thought it was interesting how they took pieces and meshed it together. Was hoping there was another book in the series, but guess not. I really loved the Viking mythology in it too. Really fun book! ...more

By books are love September 05, 2016

Received in exchange for a honest review.

This is imaginative and amazing. I love that Hamlet leads Romeo into the underworld that is based on mythology and we see love rule out. I can honestly say I felt so bad for Hamlet. He begins more as a selfish cad but during his journey to help Romeo find Jul ...more

By Jacquie February 10, 2014

O... M... G! How could you NOT love that blurb!? I literally freaked out trying to get on Netgalley to request this. When they approved me, if I had been ABLE to do cartwheels, I would have been cartwheeling all over the place like a cheerleader on crack. I mean, c'mon, Shakespeare, Mythology, JENNY ...more

By Mutmainna September 09, 2016

I've never liked Romeo and Juliet much. Though I have a huge likeness for romance books, but the story of Romeo and Juliet wasn't really for me. Unlike that though, this one was far better.

The story started off quite well. Romeo's determination to find Juliet was really described very nicely. Althou ...more

By Bailey January 17, 2020

Though the rating does not inspire much confidence, I did have a good time with this! I was just rifling through Romeo and Juliet retellings here on good ol' Goodreads (as you do), and came across this thing; the cover makes no real sense (the darkness, sure, but the rings/fashion look far too moder ...more

By Lynndell August 29, 2016

Thanks to NetGalley and Entangled Publishing for the free digital book of Such Sweet Sorrow by Jenny Trout! I was instantly intrigued by the story in the prologue because I knew I would be discovering what happens after Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet ends. Then, the first chapter brings Hamlet into ...more

By Sam February 03, 2014

Honestly the first 70% of this book had me prepared for a 3 star rating, maybe a 3.5, but the final 30% bumped it up to a 4 star. As much as I enjoy Shakespeare, I have always found Romeo to be such a whiny impulsive young man...and for the majority of the book it seemed he would remain that way, bu ...more

By Sarah July 18, 2017

Never was there a tale of more woe than this of Juliet and her Romeo.

Best Shakespeare play ever, Romeo and Juliet, how I love thee! Hamlet is pretty great too, I mean come on the Prince is totally insane what's not to love about it? BUT in this book, it's like what would have happened if Romeo woke ...more

By Candace August 13, 2018

I dived into this right after reading Paradox. This was another cheap find for me (as in, less than a dollar), and it was pretty much a cover buy (unlike Paradox). It was probably the best dollar I've ever spent on a book I've never heard of.

This has a bit of everything. Shakespeare characters, Val ...more

By Colleen January 07, 2018

4.5 Stars. I really enjoyed they way Trout wove Shakespeare and Mythology together. ...more

By Abby July 02, 2018

This was delightful. Thoroughly enjoyed ...more

By Vanya D. April 10, 2014

NOTE: I received the digital ARC from Entangled Teen in exchange for my honest review.

Honestly, I should've been done with this review ages ago. Two months since I read the book so yeah.

I thought this was a new author, but it turned out to be Jennifer Armintrout :) Not that I've read anything by he ...more

By Chapter by Chapter April 27, 2014

I was really excited to get reading Such Sweet Sorrow by author Jenny Trout once I read the premise of the novel: what happens to Romeo and Juliet after their story ends with Hamlet thrown into the mix. While I haven’t read Hamlet yet but I have read Romeo & Juliet, I was interested in seeing this n ...more

By Aneta January 01, 2015

"The role set aside for you brings you to your doom, and pain to those you love. There is no way for you to avoid it, and yet you plunge forward, taking everyone you love with you."

Such Sweet Sorrow is such a wonderful book, not only does it bring two wonderful Shakespearean tales together, but it ...more

By Ruthsic February 10, 2014

Never was there a tale of more woe than this of Juliet and her Romeo...

But true love never dies. Though they're parted by the veil between the world of mortals and the land of the dead, Romeo believes he can restore Juliet to life, but he'll have to travel to the underworld with a thoroughly infuria ...more

By Holly March 02, 2014

*I received an eARC of this from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
Full review can be found here:

I wanted to read Such Sweet Sorrow because of this: Shakespeare characters travel through portals and battle mythological beings for true love and friend ...more

By Jess February 06, 2014

For this review and more, visit Such a Novel Idea.

*I received this book in exchange for an honest review.*

Take Romeo & Juliet, add Hamlet, and mix in some Greek and Norse mythology and you'll get Such Sweet Sorrow.

A couple of months ago, I really wasn't a fan of Shakespeare. (Yes, I know, I know tha ...more

By Pili January 19, 2014

When I first saw the summary for this book I was so sold on it. Romeo going to rescue Juliet from the Underworld as another Morpheus in search of Eurydice, and having Hamlet as guide? That was so promising and so not-your-usual romantic plot!

So when I got approved for it on NetGalley I was very plea ...more

By Jessica February 05, 2014

Brilliant, beautiful & deadly!

Never have I read a book that has taken on such iconic characters and twisted their stories to intertwine the way this author did.

We all know Romeo & Juliet are thee greatest couple to ever grace the pages of a novel, then add in Hamlet & you've created either somethin ...more

By Pam August 12, 2016

Juliet is dead but Romeo won't give her up. He has survived the poison and now following the clues a witch has given him he goes to find Hamlet who is the key to getting him into Afterjord and bringing Juliet back. Hamlet doesn't have the crown of his murdered father but he does have his gift. When ...more

By Melanie August 22, 2016

I love this cover and was so excited to see this book offered by Netgalley and the publisher for an honest review! The blurb is what drew me in too! How could you not wonder how this story would go when Romeo doesn't end up dying and tries to find Juliet to bring her back with him? I think we all wo ...more

By Angie December 16, 2014

I received an ARC through NetGalley.

When I first heard of Such Sweet Sorrow I figured things would end up one of two ways: I would love it or it would be a complete disaster. Thankfully, it was the former! Romeo & Juliet and Hamlet are my favorite Shakespeare plays, and I find Greek and Norse mythol ...more

By Cassandra February 04, 2014

My Thoughts - 4 out of 5 Unicorns - I really liked it!!!  What if Romeo lived and met Hamlet???  Great story, I hope there's a book 2!!
***Received ebook from Entangled Publishing for an honest review

The cover is hauntingly beautiful, and it really attracts you to the book.

If it wasn’t for Entangled, ...more

By Chelsea February 12, 2014

This book is the answer to "What happens next?" at the end of Romeo & Juliet.

Romeo's determined to find Juliet, but he's hampered by still recovering from the poison he took (and for which an antidote was administered). He's directed towards Hamlet who has been recently charged by his father's ghos ...more

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Jenny Trout

About the author

Jenny Trout

Jenny Trout is a writer, blogger, and funny person. Writing as Jennifer Armintrout, she made the USA Today bestseller list with Blood Ties Book One: The Turning. Her novel American Vampire was named one of the top ten horror novels of 2011 by Booklist Magazine Online. She is a proud Michigander, mother of two, and wife to the only person alive capable of spending extended periods of time with her without wanting to strangle her.

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