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Peek Inside Tempting the CEO

Lawyer Angie O'Hare hates New York City. More so, now that she's locked out of her room and stranded in the hallway. Wearing only a towel. But then, rescue arrives—in the form of the wickedly hot, funny guy in the penthouse next door. But things with Mr. Sexy Salvation don't stop at just a drink. Cue one night of hot, ultra-x-rated sexy time. Until the next morning, when Angie attends her meeting and is introduced CEO Jed Worth... whose bed she did everything but sleep in last night!

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Never mix business with one night of playful, sizzling pleasure…

If lawyer Angie O’Hare needed another reason to hate New York City, this would be it. Locked out of her room and stranded in the hallway. Wearing only a towel. Lovely. But then, rescue arrives—in the form of the wickedly hot, funny guy in the penthouse next door. Angie is so relieved that she ignores her usual buzz-kill tendencies, and agrees to have a drink with Mr. Sexy Salvation…

But things don’t stop at just a drink. Or even a hot make-out session.

Cue one night of hot, ultra-x-rated sexy time. No names. No personal information. And the next morning, Angie sneaks out, returning to her prim-and-proper life, every hair in place. But New York City isn’t done with Angie yet. Because her meeting that morning is with CEO Jed Worth… whose bed she did everything but sleep in last night! And Jed isn’t the sort of man to take “conflict of interest” as an answer…


"Tempting the CEO is an amazing short novel that will leave you breathless and panting for more!"-Mia (Miasworldview.blogspot)

I absolutely loved the banter ...You could sense their attraction with every word exchanged. ....When I finished their story I couldn't help but want more...

I give Tempting the CEO 4 hearts!" - She Hearts Books

"... a quick fun hot read. Angie was a riot, loved her wittiness. Jed was a smoking hot take charge kind of man." -Lori

"The witty banter, and sexual chemistry between Jed, and Angie was palpable, their characters felt real to me, not an easy task to accomplish in a Novella."- Robin

"Let's not forget the steam!! It's a short, sexy read ..." -Rogetwhi

"...lighthearted and lightly erotic in a short little package, perfect for a quick read on a fall afternoon." -Steph McVicker

Additional Details

ISBN: 9781633750852
Series: Sleeping with the Enemy, Book 1
Release Date: Sep 29, 2014
Page Count: 88
Imprint: brazen
Genre: contemporary
Tropes: boss and employee, mistaken identity

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By Lori September 30, 2014

Tempting the CEO is a quick fun hot read. Angie was a riot, loved her wittiness. Jed was a smoking hot take charge kind of man. I loved their instant attraction and the way in which he pursued her. Even though it is a novella, the story flowed very nicely. I do wish that it would have been a little ...more

By Samantha September 19, 2014

This is a fabulous book and I enjoyed every minute! Two funny, sexy people thrown together for a hot night, what more could anyone want? I freely admit I am a huge Angela Claire fan, I usually like her books longer, but this did not disappoint. I received an advance copy of this book so I could revi ...more

By Rogetwhi September 17, 2014

I really liked this one. It's a great way to pass an afternoon! It has humor, wit and I loved the internal dialogue! Let's not forget the steam!! It's a short, sexy read without bucket loads of angst like so many books seem to have now!

ARC generously provided by entangled publishing in exchange for ...more

By EVH September 11, 2014

** ARC received for an honest review
This story was exactly what a novella should be - short, to the point, and with a HEA! I'm a fan of Angela Claire's heroines because she writes them to be just as smart and strong as her heroes, with a bit of wit and snark thrown in.
If you are looking for a sexy h ...more

By Jaime May 28, 2017

Short & Sweet

Short, sexy and sweet. A simple story to read in between long, angsty romances. Its definitely instalove but written well. ...more

By HEChapter October 08, 2014

Blog Banner photo banner2_zps0a9ef8c3.jpg

Tempting the CEO (a Sleeping With The Enemy) by Angela Claire

Release Date: September 29, 2014

*** ARC provided by author in exchange for an HONEST review. ***

My Synopsis:
Angie O'Hare is a Detroit lawyer and is in New York for her client. After a long day of conference meetings, she finally checke ...more

By Kim Reads September 29, 2014

Reviewed for Read Your Writes Book Reviews
by Kim

Entangled’s Brazen line is known for its hot sexy heroes and sex scenes requiring a shower or two to cool off. While I liked Tempting the CEO, it doesn’t live up to the Brazens I've read in the past. There are love scenes but they aren’t Brazen worthy. ...more

By Steph October 19, 2015

Getting caught wrapped in a bath towel and locked out of her hotel suite would be bad enough, but did the catcher need to be so damn gorgeous? Angie agrees to wait in his penthouse for her door to be unlocked, and against her better judgement she winds up burning up the sheets with the obviously sex ...more

By Laura September 20, 2014

I was offered a chance to read this novella in exchange for my honest review.
It was a very pleasant way to spend a rainy afternoon.

In fact, between the novella and the epilogue, it is almost like getting two reads in one. The actual story itself tosses the reader right into the steamy action at the ...more

By Rob September 21, 2014

Many thanks to the author for providing me an ARC in exchange for an honest review

Never mix business with one night of playful,
sizzling pleasure…

Not an original storyline but when it's well written it makes all the difference between just another version and a truly enjoyable read

Jed and Angie


By Athena September 15, 2014

Tempting the CEO is an amazing short novel that will leave you breathless and panting for more!

In fact, I would love another novella that speaks about their future, their family, their lives..I would really like to see Jed a bit jealous..You know, a small fight just to spice things up!

But, anyway…

An ...more

By She September 29, 2014

Angie gets stuck outside her hotel room in only a towel and is rescued by her hot neighbor. They end up sharing a night of passion not revealing anything about themselves including names. They part the next morning without words and when Angie shows up at her negotiation she is shocked to discover t ...more

By Sidney September 24, 2014

I loved thid novella.... I love Jed from the beginning. Only reason I'm giving it a four star is because I feel that their story can go so much further. I want to know what the future holds for Angie and Jed. I looooved their chemistry. ...more

By Angala August 29, 2015

Another great short story by Angela Claire. It was a great love story, but I think a sequel would be nice. ...more

By Rosemary October 07, 2014

Lawyer Angie O'Hare had a rough day. She's tired. All she wants is to relax in her luxurious penthouse suite. No such luck. Things go from bad to worse when she locked out of her room clad only in a towel. Luckily a sexy man in the next room helps. One thing leads to another and they spend the night ...more

By Swee October 07, 2014

I read an ARC copy from the author. Based on the reviews posted, I was expecting a lacklustre read . But I was pleasantly surprised. I found the novella well written and enjoyable. I enjoyed the legal negotiations (have to admit I'm a legal drama buff) and as expected from someone with a law backgro ...more

By Amanda October 06, 2014

Angie is at a business meeting out of town. She is negotiating a contract for her client. She gets back to the hotel and is upgraded to a fancy room, then gets caught in the hallway in her towel by the sexiest guy down the hall. Little did she know that it would turn into a night of passion and she ...more

By Paris March 23, 2015

I kept going back and forth on my rating for this book. It was hot. It was really hot. And I really liked the premise and the story as a whole. My one complaint is that everything happened so fast. I like novellas, but sometimes they are too short to really feel more than a base connection to the ch ...more

By Rebecca November 20, 2014

I really loved these two together! The easy playfulness, the joking around and teasing each other! It's cute and I love that Cuz you don't really get a lot of that! It's like my personality which is why I probably really liked it! Can't wait for more. It's a quicky ...more

By Tania September 26, 2014

I really enjoyed this one. It was a cute-easy read. A story with good chemistry between our couple. A man who knows what he wants and how to get it and a lady with a bit of sass to keep him on his toes.

By Anita October 06, 2014

This was a witty, sexy romance. I would have loved to read more about these two. All the characters were interesting and fun and I wished we would have gotten a little more of them also. ...more

By Jess June 03, 2015

Wanted more ...more

By Julianna October 14, 2015

Basic taboo story, but it was nice to read for a quick paced story. ...more

By Melissa October 02, 2014

This book is a great read. Angie and Jed story is love can smack you in the face when you least expect it. ...more

By Periwinklepsyche October 14, 2014

Even though this was a short and brief, I really like the story. ...more

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3.36 avg rating
Angela Claire

About the author

Angela Claire

Angela Claire, like most writers, grew up loving to read, which led to a degree in English literature, which in turn led to unemployment. Sadly, not having been born to wealth, Angela was forced to develop a more practical plan for eating and paying her rent...hence the dreaded and expected descent into law school and inevitable career as a lawyer. In no time she had gotten rid of her pesky yet massive student loans and was sacking away funds for her hoped escape from the law profession one day. Surprisingly difficult to escape from, the law did allow her abundant time for daydreaming in boardrooms and writing down story ideas while pretending to draft contracts. Now a multi-published author, she does what she loves, free of debt, but with a little less leeway on the eating and paying rent thing. She lives in the Midwest with her very indulgent husband and two sons.

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