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Peek Inside The Attraction of Adeline

Fake it until you make it

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Fake it until you make it…

The Proposal: Adeline Rigby will live with Accountant Jack Foster and pretend to be his fake fiancée for one month in order for him to seal a promotion to partner. In return, Accountant Jack Foster will intimately tutor Adeline Rigby in French before she leaves for Paris where she will fulfill her dream of attending Le Cordon Bleu.

The Terms:

1. Maintain distance. Three get-to-know-you dates before announcing their engagement will be tempting enough.

2. No kissing. Okay, fine. Three kisses. Maybe four. And neck kisses don’t count.

3. No touchy feely stuff. Or at least not too many public displays of touchy-feely stuff.

4. No sex.

5. All right, all right. One night of sex in order to be a believable engaged couple.

6. Two nights of mind-blowing sex to make sure first night wasn’t a fluke.

7. Absolutely, positively, no falling in love.


"What I thought was going to be just a light romantic comedy turned out to be that and so much more. This one has a deeper, more intricate back story that kept me reading to try and find out what was going on with Adeline...If you like a book that combines humor with sexiness and deep emotions, you should give this one a read. I am glad that I did!" - Heather P., NetGalley

"Craziness, sadness, and outright hilarity ensue between these two and make this an absolute gem of a book for me. I would definitely pick up another novel written by Lisa Wells in a heartbeat." - C. J. Butcher, Goodreads

"I absolutely loved this book. Adeline was such a hilarious woman...Jack made their arrangement so much sweeter and so very sexy." - Lori, Goodreads

"One of the most humorously entertaining stories I've read.Filled with sass,  attitude, love and lots of romance, you can't help but fall a bit in love with Jack and Adeline yourself." - Becky B., Goodreads

Additional Details

ISBN: 9781633759503
Series: Off-the-Wall Proposal, Book 2
Release Date: Apr 10, 2017
Page Count: 274
Imprint: lovestruck
Genre: contemporary, romantic comedy
Tropes: fake engagement

Select Featured Reviews

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By Laura October 23, 2017

***ARC Provided by the Author and IndieSagePR***

I really enjoyed the first book in this series...well series might be the wrong word, even though there are some recurring characters from the first I had high hopes for this one. And, I can say they were mostly met.

Adeline was wonderful and ...more

By Tales Of A Bookbug April 17, 2017

Another cute romance from Lisa Wells and this book follows Kinley's brother- Jack and her best friend- Adeline.
Jack is an accountant and in order to get the promotion he's been aiming for, he needs to play the part of a family man.And for that he needs a fake fiance.Adeline needs help in French befo ...more

By Isha April 07, 2017

ARC Review: The Attraction of Adeline(Off the Wall Proposal) by Lisa Wells

A firmly embedded memory that stays on the mind. Like learning the words to a favorite song or playing a tune out of time. Adie and Jack, bewitched my heart and proved be like a fine wine. The Attraction of Adeline is an emoti ...more

By C.J. March 26, 2017

Adeline Rigby will live with Accountant Jack Foster and pretend to be his fake fiancée for one month in order for him to seal a promotion to partner. In return, Accountant Jack Foster will intimately tutor Adeline Rigby in French before she leaves for Paris where she will fulfill her dream of attend ...more

By Bec March 23, 2017

Jack Foster wants a promotion at the firm he works at so badly, but with boss being completely old-fashioned and believing a man is more reliable if he's in a committed relationship, he needs a fiancée. Getting Adeline Rigby to agree to be his pretend fiancée for a month isn't easy, especially when ...more

By Karla March 26, 2017

Loved it!!!❤️ such a funny love story. Had me cracking up a lot. Adeline really completes Jack. Jack is such a romantic even if they both think it's pretend. That is what Adeline needs the most. To feel loved.
Couple of my favorite quotes:
“Are you the pole-dancing instructor?” he asked, his gaze di ...more

3.5 stars

***ARC received in exchange of an honest opinion***

The Attraction of Adeline is a romantic comedy perfect for when you want something to cleanse your bokk palate or when you're in a book funk. It's funny and light and uncomplicated.

But it also has a story and an actual plotline behind all o ...more

By Heather March 24, 2017

I loved Jack the man at times chose not really pay attention to what Adeline had to say, "he yawned. As if he found the fact she was in a possible tizzy over his morning wood boring. “Sorry, there’re some things a man has no control over.” He took the pillow and positioned it over his arousal." Jack ...more

By Katrina March 21, 2017

The Attraction of Adeline by Lisa Wells is a warmhearted romantic comedy that is full of surprises. This best friend’s brother romance will sweep you off your feet and tugs on your heartstrings. Fast and fun, this is a nice escape from any real life stressors. WTG Ms. Wells.

Please note that an ARC ...more

By Maddy's Reading April 11, 2017

Adeline is quirky, outspoken and emotionally closed-off. I loved her!!!
Jack needs a fake fiancé to get promoted and Adeline is his sister's best friend. On their first meeting, Adeline gets a concussion. So it was funny from the get-go.
Their backstory was interesting and determines the course of th ...more

By Tracy's Place March 19, 2017

3.75 out of 5 ...more

By Tracey April 09, 2017

*This book was received via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review*
This is the story of Adeline (Adie) Rigby who, while out with her sister does some pole dancing and knocks herself out, in comes the sexy Accountant Jack Foster, who had seen Adie from a distant dancing and was very intrigued, so ...more

By Becky April 01, 2017

One of the most humorously entertaining stories I've read. Filled with sass, attitude, love and lots of romance, you can't help but fall a bit in love with Jack and Adeline yourself. Adeline without her, as she calls it, mouth filter will have you wiping tears away from chuckling out loud so many ti ...more

By Marsha April 10, 2017

Reviewed at Keeper Bookshelf

The Attraction of Adeline is a fun, quirky romance that will have you chuckling one moment, frustrated beyond belief the next and perhaps a bit misty-eyed at some points.

Adeline didn’t believe in love, not the forever kind. She’d never seen this so called love thing work ...more

By Angela April 17, 2017

I liked this book a lot because it was the perfect sweet character growing love story. Adeline was an interesting heroine that at times I liked and disliked. While in Jake’s case I liked his determination quality. Together they just worked. This story was had me laughing while reading it but it was ...more

By Marie April 12, 2017

Marie's Tempting Reads ARC Review:

I definitely had a blast reading The Attraction of Adeline! Fun, sassy, full of sparks and sizzling chemistry, this romance was a pure joy to read. Between Adeline and Jack, I loved these two. Their attraction was popping and I enjoyed the heck out of their interact ...more

By Stacy April 07, 2017

3.5 maybe 3.75 stars. This book was cute. I'm a sucker for this type a storyline. I was a little worried when I read some review comments...glad I didn't listen to them. I thought that the book was good, loved the characters, especially Adeline. Adeline minus the childhood has some attributes I wish ...more

By Sofia April 14, 2017

The Attraction of Adeline is a stand-alone novel in the Off the wall proposal series. It is truly a stand alone since I had no problem reading this book and I found out about the existence of the first book when I checked it out on Goodreads. It was a meh read though. Adeline has a different than no ...more

By Heather April 10, 2017

The Attraction of Adeline, by Lisa Wells, is a well written romantic comedy. This was a hilariously fun read with characters that are quirky and a riot in their own rights. This was a great weekend read while snuggling up under the blanket with my pillow.

This story swirled a mix of emotions as Adeli ...more

By Sharon April 13, 2017

Reviewed on behalf of 2 Girls Who Love Books Blog
The Attraction of Adeline by Lisa Wells is such a great, great read.
This book had me feeling every emotion.
The craziness that is Adeline had me bursting out in uncontrollable laughter!!
She is a person who knows what she wants and why she wants it, bu ...more

By Linda April 10, 2017

Loved! This is a delicious novel about Jack, who desperately wants to become partner at his firm, and Adeline, an aspiring chef who longs to go to Paris to study.

Jack's boss has very traditional views of roles. First, that no man should become a partner without being married and, second, that a wif ...more

By Jennifer April 11, 2017

Adeline Rigby is a very controlled, filled with OCD, young woman who rarely strays outside the box. When her best friend's brother offers a proposal, it takes her a bit, but she finally accepts. She's agreed to live with Accountant Jack Foster, as his fake finance, so he will get the promotion he de ...more

By JG April 13, 2017

This was all out funny and lighthearted with some moments of poignancy. Adie is just truly a delightful character with her no filter comebacks, her moments of vulnerability and her very sizzling chemistry with Jack. This germophobic redhead and this career minded nerdy accountant will definitely eng ...more

By Elisha April 14, 2017

Even though I knew they would end up together, it was still so much 'watching' their relationship develop then slowly evolve into romance. They have what each other need sin the beginning. She needs a language tutor, he need a fake Fiance for work in order to cinch a promotion and speaks the languag ...more

By Lori April 11, 2017

I absolutely loved this book. Adeline was such a hilarious woman. She had no filter and man if that did not make me like her more. Whatever she thought, she said, regardless of how it made her look, even if it was on herself. And it endeared her to Jack even more. When Jack is first described in the ...more

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3.71 avg rating
Lisa Wells

About the author

Lisa Wells

Lisa Wells always knew there would come a time in her life when she'd pursue her dream career as a romance author. This is that time. Before this moment, she's enjoyed a rollercoaster journey called - The Middle School Counselor - Dramas, Dreams, and Destinies. After many years of working with teenage girls, she knows when one comes in baffled because another girl hates her, the first question to ask is - "Did you steal her boyfriend?" Nine times out of ten the answer is some form of yes but.... While Lisa enjoys working with adolescents, she writes for adults. Her books contain: Sex, Scowls & Sass.

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