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Peek Inside The Kissing Contract

Marshall Dyson wants one thing and one thing only: to raze his grandfather’s island to the ground. Everything is ready to go––except for the freakin’ bunnies! Hundreds of the furry critters hopping about and multiplying before his eyes. And then there’s the American Bunny League, along with one distractingly beautiful veterinarian, taking him to court to save them...

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Marshall Dyson wants one thing and one thing only: to raze his grandfather’s island to the ground. Everything is ready to go––except for the freakin’ bunnies! Hundreds of the furry critters hopping about and multiplying before his eyes. And then there’s the American Bunny League, along with one distractingly beautiful veterinarian, taking him to court to save them...

Dr. Augusta “Gus” North can’t believe the grumpy–and annoyingly hot–builder she’s facing in court cares more about demo-ing some cabin than the lives of 200 bunnies. But when the judge orders Marshall to stay on the island and help her rehome the rabbits – the entire month – she knows they’re going to need to lay some ground rules.

Like, for example, absolutely no kissing. Might as well go ahead and get that in writing. Sure it’s on a napkin, but that still counts.

How hard could it be to keep their hands off each other amidst all the fighting? Surprisingly, harder than wrangling 200 bunnies...


“The characters are so wonderfully developed, the humour is intoxicating – loads of laugh out loud moments and the conversation is witty, cheeky and clever. And smokin hot!” -Linda T., Goodreads

“When I was reading this book, people gave me weird looks since I kept laughing loudly. Marshall’s quips, a fantastic set of supporting characters, and even Gus’ fantastic bunny t-shirt collection all add up to a hilarious story I couldn’t put down.” -Alyssa S., Goodreads

I was blown away by Amy Andrew’s The Kissing Contract!” -Rhonda C., Goodreads

The Kissing Contract by Amy Andrews is unquestionably entertaining as well as fun, sassy and at times, downright hilarious.” -Karen R., NetGalley

“This book is freaking sexy and hilarious! I couldn’t help but laugh out loud and swoon!” -Turning Pages Till Dawn Blog

Smart, sexy and so snarky. This was an easy to read, feel good book. The witty banter and sexual chemistry between Gus and Marshall was amazing.” -Synclare M., NetGalley

“I really loved this story and its vibrant, round characters. The plot is full of imagination and humor. It’s very romantic, yet realistic, largely due to the fact that Amy Andrews writes romantic characters that are also realistically complex, human.” -Maria S., Goodreads

The Kissing Contract is a fun read that will give you warm “fuzzies”.  Author Amy Andrews gives us an enjoyable rom-com with great characters and a really good storyline. There was humor, heat, I loved the setting, the banter, the puns, and of course…the bunnies!!!” -nicole W., NetGalley

“This was a fun escapist read, that put a smile on my face and gave me plenty of giggles along the way.” -Claire Reads and Reviews

Additional Details

ISBN: 9781640638310
Series: Wrong Side of The Tracks, Book 1
Release Date: Jul 15, 2019
Page Count: 400
Imprint: amara next
Genre: contemporary, romantic comedy
Tropes: across the tracks, enemies to lovers

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By Beth July 13, 2019

Fun and flirtatious, The Kissing Contract is a light an easy read with an outrageous plot that Amy Andrews executed with flare.

Marshalls grandfather was a mean SOB who left his family hanging because his mother didnt dutiful toe the line. Leaving his grandson his worldly encumbrances in his last... ...more

By Aly August 25, 2019

Marshall Dyson and Augusta North met in a courtroom. She's a doctor for the American Bunny League, who filed an emergency injunction to delay his construction project on his late grandfather's island, until the hundreds of domestic rabbits roaming free has been successfully removed from the land.... ...more

By Amy December 26, 2019

I was a bit trepidatious about this book after reading the synopsis - um, bunnies? But, what a sweet surprise this book was for me. Even with the bunnies. Even with the outlandish setup. It still worked for me. This is a fun, flirty read that has a very original premise. The characters are great... ...more

By Maria July 05, 2019

- Received an Advance Reader Copy in exchange for a fair review -
I really loved this story and its vibrant, round characters. The plot is full of imagination and humor. Its very romantic, yet realistic, largely due to the fact that Amy Andrews writes romantic characters that are also realisticall... ...more

By Monique June 23, 2019

With such an outrageous premise, I wouldn't have touched this book if it hadn't been written by Amy Andrews. I know I can trust her intelligence and that she will not fall prey to the pitfalls of the genre. In the hands of a lesser writer, this romcom could have devolved into a ridiculous and pre... ...more

By Rhonda June 28, 2019

Wonderfully original romance

I was blown away by Amy Andrews The Kissing Contract.
Marshall and Gus/Augusta though they first met as adversaries became an amazing couple. I loved their banter and their sexual chemistry was off the charts. Each had personal baggage they needed to deal with before th... ...more

By JG July 16, 2019

The Kissing Contract was pure fun to read! This one had cute bunnies, a forced proximity plot and two really marvelous characters in the form of Gus, Marshall, Rambo and Thumper. I loved the interaction between Gus aka Augusta North and Marshall Dyson, they just had the right balance of witty ban... ...more

By Irene July 21, 2019

4 stars

The Kissing Contract by Amy Andrews is a fun and entertaining read.

I enjoyed the storyline, it held my interest from start to end and I loved watching Marshall and Augusta/Gus relationship unfold.
I enjoyed their banter and I enjoyed the feelings they brought out in each other.
These two mi... ...more

By Kelly July 15, 2019

Cute, sweet, funny, hot, and touching

Ive been a fan of this author for a while, starting with her Sydney Smoke rugby series, but Ive enjoyed everything Ive read by her so far. Listed as a Wrong Side of the Tracks novel, Im assuming this is the first in a new series. It certainly reads as a standa... ...more

By Paula July 15, 2019

The Kissing Contract by Amy Andrews is the most fun you will have reading the most preposterous plot. If you dont believe me read the authors note at the end of the book. Could this story happen, I dont think so but who cares, it is just so enjoyable. Living life graciously, lovingly and fully is... ...more

By Sania April 06, 2020

Standalone/Cliffhanger: Standalone
Ages of H and h: Both are 34
Multi-Luv'n/Ménages: (view spoiler)
Was There Descriptive Sex: (view spoiler)
Descriptive Sex &/Or Drama Between H/h With OW/OM: (view spoiler)
>>If So, Before or After H/h Hookup: (view spoiler)
Contains Cheating: (view spoiler)
Amount of Sex In The Book: (view spoiler)
HEA/HFN/... ...more

By Alison July 17, 2019

A private island, an unwanted inheritance, a benevolent gift and a whole load of fertile bunnies!

Marshall Dyson wants to open his grandfather's private island to single parent families to obliterate the memories of his past and his grandfather's inhumanity to the ground. Unfortunately a populatio... ...more

By Sofia July 15, 2019

The Kissing Contract is Amy Andrews' newest stand-alone novel. The main characters of the story are Marshall and Augusta who goes by Gus. There was a lot of bad blood between Marshall and his grandfather which shaped in some ways the man he is now. The grandfather was a douche, so I was totally o... ...more

By Urvashi July 11, 2019

Marshall cant wait to raze his grandfathers island to the ground. But thanks to the Bunnies and a court order he has to work with the ABL and Vet Gus/Augusta to save and relocate the rabbits.
From the start Marshall and Gus can feel the sparks flying around them. But Gus being a little gun-shy af... ...more

By Laura June 19, 2019

I voluntarily received a copy of this publication from NetGalley for an honest review!

As a big fan of Amy Andrew I couldnt wait to read this book. And as you know when you talk about contracts, then you know they are made to be broken.

I was quite frustrated in the beginning, I felt like it just... ...more

This is the first book by Amy Andrews that I have read and I really enjoyed it. It was well written and the characters were very realistic. I could actually picture myself there, on this Island exploring, it was that vivid. The author painted a good picture and it drew me into the story.

Marshal a... ...more

By J_Mc July 12, 2019

Its another winner from Amy Andrews! I love how her characters are human and have flaws. It makes it so much easier to root for a couple to recognize their feelings for each other. Then again, not every couple has a few hundred bunnies to deal with while they sort their feelings out. The premise... ...more

By Isha July 15, 2019

The Kissing Contract by Amy Andrews  
With a grin on my face and a smile in my heart, I gave myself over to the force that is Amy Andrews and lost my head in the process. Marshall and Gus are at odds over an island. For Marshall it holds painful memories. For veterinarian, Dr. Augusta (Gus) North... ...more

By Paige July 12, 2019

This is shy of a 5 star read. The storyline was quirky and the characters sweet There was immediate chemistry between Marshall and Gus. It started in the courtroom and lasted throughout the book.
There were sad moments in the book that bright down the humour and silliness . It help bring the huma... ...more

By Lindsay (nerdybooknurse) July 26, 2019

{ @entangled_publishing #partner } The Kissing Contract by @amyandrewsbooks follows Augusta and Marshall. They meet in court when Marshall is intent on clearing the land of an island his family owns in order build cabins for families. One small problem. Someone released a few domesticated bunnies... ...more

By Deanna (Deanna Reads Books) June 27, 2019

This review was originally posted on my review blog Deanna Reads Books
This is the second book I've read by Amy Andrews, and I definitely want to read more of what she has to offer. This one is a little different than the last book, because that was a sports romance, but this one was a straight c... ...more

By Quinn November 20, 2019

Now this is the kind of book I love: so many funny scenes, some serious chemistry between the H and h, and an excellent plot. I loved every page. This is absolutely a keeper, and I will be rereading it when I need a great book. ...more

By Dani July 19, 2019

Who would have thought bunnies would be so effective at driving a plot and bringing two people together. I sure as hell wasn't expecting it, and yet here I am, madly in love with Marshall and Gus as a couple, and as individuals. All thanks to a few bunnies doing what they do best on an island wit... ...more

By Jo Reads Romance July 15, 2019

Funny, sexy and clever
5 stars

I have newly discovered Amy Andrews and hugely enjoyed her last book (Nothing But Trouble). However, Im going to be honest and say that this worried me slightly when I started this book - would I enjoy this one as much as I did the last, and would it live up to expe... ...more

By Marsha July 14, 2019

Reviewed at Keeper Bookshelf

I had such fun with The Kissing Contract. Enemies to lovers, razing the buildings on a private island to the ground to erase a cruel grandfathers memory, rebuilding a new future from an embittered past oh, and bunnies. Lots and lots of bunnies. Whats not to enjoy abou... ...more

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Amy Andrews

About the author

USA Today Best Selling Author

Amy Andrews

Amy is an award-winning, best-selling Aussie author who has written sixty plus contemporary romances. She is a USA Today best-seller who writes books featuring lots of sex and kissing. She likes to make her readers tingle, laugh and sigh. She loves good books, frequent travel and great booze although she'll take mediocre booze if there's nothing else. At sixteen she met a guy she knew she was going to marry and she did and they're still living out their HEA! They have two grown kids who've flown the nest but still ring her for advice and recipes. She lives on acreage in a sunny part of Australia with a gorgeous mountain view but secretly wishes it was the hillsides of Tuscany. Sign-up for her newsletter at:

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