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Peek Inside The Madness of Miss Grey

Helen and Will need to work together if she’s going to be free. It won’t be easy, not when her benefactor is determined to keep her locked up and hidden forever.

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All of society believes former actress Helen Grey to be mad, but after a decade imprisoned in a crumbling Yorkshire asylum, she’s managed to cling to sanity. When a new doctor arrives, she finally sees an opportunity for freedom and she’ll do anything to not let it slip between her fingers.

Dr. William Carter knows Miss Grey is using him, but he can’t blame her. She’s no madder than he is yet she’s spent years in this place. He’ll help her escape, but they can’t cross the line and give into temptation—no matter how much he would like.

Helen and Will need to work together if she’s ever going to be free. It won’t be easy, not when her mysterious benefactor is determined to keep her locked up and hidden from society forever. When Helen is entangled in her own trap and begins to fall for Will too, she must fight not only for her liberty but for her right to love.


“What an exquisite story of torment — the torment of doing the right thing and the torment of being right and unable to do anything about it. I read about the struggles and victories of the people in Julia Bennet’s story, The Madness of Miss Grey, with an aching heart. The sensitivity and strength of purpose that Bennet brings to the tale is at once elegant and harrowing, and the ultimate achievement of the happily ever after feels just as much a triumph for the characters as for the reader.” -Frolic Media

An intelligent and satisfying read.” -Soloni R., NetGalley

“WOW!! This was an amazing debut from this author and I was captivated by her writing. This was a well written romance it had plenty of mystery and intrigue. I loved the mystery to this story it kept me guessing and turning the pages.” -Maria D., Goodreads

Entertaining, gripping, and deliciously atmospheric, this book had me hooked from page one.” -Erika C., NetGalley

“This story was full of dark secrets and it certainly pulls me into it and I was hooked into reading till the last page and the ending.” -Patricia L., Goodreads

Additional Details

ISBN: 9781640637924
Series: The Madness of Miss Grey, Book 1
Release Date: Apr 22, 2019
Page Count: 334
Imprint: amara
Genre: historical, historical victorian
Tropes: forbidden love/off limits, friends to lovers, opposites attract, overcoming odds, unrequited love

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By Blackjack June 13, 2019

Julia Bennet's debut novel offers much to romance readers interested in historical authenticity, and even though I did my early graduate studies in 19th century lit, I still learned interesting information here on constructions of "madness" as well as what goes on behind the curtains at asylums.... ...more

By OLT June 15, 2019

(3.5 stars) What I like about this HR is that the story line is one that's much less used by HR authors, possibly because it's a bit dark, dreary, and somewhat of a downer. It deals with possible madness and the inept, incompetent, ignorant and often cruel treatment of those in mental institution... ...more

By KimberlyRose June 29, 2019

This is an outstanding historical romance debut. The characters were believable, complex, unique (‘ugly,’ big, low-born rough hero/curvy, clever, unapologetic, sexually experienced heroine) with compelling personalities. The plot was riveting and paced perfectly, and the development of the main c... ...more

By MrsMascara April 17, 2019

Excellent and a little different this historical romance has a dark undertone.

This book is not your average lighthearted regency romance, it is however, very well written, with a slightly unusual dark plot, compelling characters, and some nice touches which have stayed with me.

Helen Grey is 26, a... ...more

By Lori April 20, 2019

Yorkshire 1882 "If I go back, they'll never let me go again." That was the thought of Helen Grey as she met Dr William Carter as she tried to escape the asylum. This story pulled me in right from the first page and did not let go until the end. Helen had been in the asylum for ten years since she... ...more

By Petula April 02, 2019

Dr William Carter is a housekeeper's son who was lucky to have a sponsor who paid for his education. He has a new job in an asylum, and is shocked at the way the patients are treated. The doctor in charge has a good reputation and Will has always wanted to work with him, but finds the man is noth... ...more

By Tammy April 30, 2019

Helen has managed to stay sane in the asylum for 10 years. Will is a new Dr. and know that Helen doesn’t belong there. Will he help her escape and who wants her to stay in the asylum? I liked this historical read, the story is fast-paced and entertaining and the characters have plenty of depth. A... ...more

By Laura March 26, 2019

3.5 stars. It was pretty dark. Definitely not a typical historical. ...more

By Linda April 10, 2019

A housekeeper’s son, Will is “common” but is given the opportunity of education by a kindly benefactor (his mother’s employer) & comes full circle back to the very manor where he grew up, returning as a doctor. The manor is now an asylum run by the well known Dr Sterling whom Will hopes to ga... ...more

By wonderfullyweird88 March 27, 2019

Helen Grey has been confined to an insane asylum since the death of her mother when she was fifteen years old. Her mother was an actress and Helen is the result of an affair with an unknown high born gentleman. Her father, wishing to hide Helen away, commits her to an exclusive asylum where she h... ...more

The Madness of Miss Grey by Julia Bennet is the story of Helen Grey and Dr. William Carter.
Will start in life was the son of a housekeeper but after sponsorship was able to become a Dr. Now he is excited to be working with a Dr that he has admired at the Manor House Asylum. Helen is a illegitimat... ...more

By Maria April 22, 2019

The Madness of Miss Grey
by Julia Bennet

WOW!! This was an amazing debut from this author and I was captivated by her writing. This was a well written romance it had plenty of mystery and intrigue. I loved the mystery to this story it kept me guessing and turning the pages. Helen Grey a young woman... ...more

By Bookishly April 24, 2019

This book was so interesting. Not only because the majority of it takes place in an insane asylum, but because William takes the cases like a modern doctor.

Whereas Sterling, the head doctor in the asylum, was stuck in his ways where a woman, if they looked too long at something, was deemed unfit.... ...more

By Traci April 15, 2019

This is a wonderful book! I loved the story line and the characters. They were such strong characters; Helen enduring all that she did and Will being able to fight for her and go against the system. The reader was taken on an emotional rollercoaster! The book makes you sad (for the situation Hele... ...more

By Tammy April 24, 2019

Loved this historical romance set in an asylum. It was a bit dark but not too much. Helen and Will had intelligent conversations that dealt with the treatments of the mentally ill during that time period. Will was an average man in looks and was lower class. He received an education in mental hea... ...more

By Amy March 25, 2019

I enjoyed William and Helen's story. I was definitely a different type of historical romance than I normally read, but still enjoyable. It didn't have all the positive things that you tend to get in a romance. Helen is locked up in an asylum when she shouldn't be, so much of the storyline is her... ...more

By Liz May 25, 2019

Historical romance classic! The Madness of Miss Grey unfolds like a classic old movie. Julia Bennet's writing draws you into the story from the first few pages and holds you to the very end. Well written, the darkness of the plot is masterfully handled, balanced by a beautiful love story. Many hi... ...more

By Suzette April 22, 2019

An unconventional love story. Will and Helen are doctor and patient when they first meet. The author gives a lot of detail on the care of psychiatry patients in the late 19th century. There is is also interesting conversations about the hypocrisy of the way moral thinking was used to curb women i... ...more

By Tween 2 Teen Book Reviews March 30, 2019

I was okay with this book. While I enjoyed the romance, there was definitely some weirdness with the mental health aspect. Like even though the guy knew she wasn't actually crazy, she was technically still his patient. The book addresses this a bit, though not as much as I would have liked. I als... ...more

By Jill April 25, 2019

This is not your typical historical romance and I loved it! The story is very strong and pulls you in immediately. Helen Grey and Will Carter are the two main characters who both have so much to offer each other. I could.not put this book down. ...more

By Kerryn August 23, 2019

No, the trope isn't new -- try Laura Kinsale's Flowers from the Storm, for one. But Ms. Bennet has done a beautiful job here. The protagonists are quite unusual and her writing took me deep into their minds and hearts. Loved every minute! ...more

By Amy March 25, 2019

An insane asylum is an unusual setting for a romance novel. The novel certainly showcases the abuse that was administered in asylums. The characters Helen and Will were written well, but the book tone was a little heavy for me.
I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

By Patrica April 23, 2019

I received an ARC of this book via NetGalley and Entangled Amara Llc for an honest review. This story was full of dark secrets and it certainly pulls me into it and I was hooked into reading till the last page and the ending. I have read many history books based on the horror stories that tell of... ...more

By Marie April 22, 2019

Dr William Carter is a doctor in an insane asylum. The son of a housekeeper, he does not fit into society. The ton thinks that Miss Helen Grey, a former actress is insane. After being admitted to the asylum for ten years, she has barely held onto her sanity. When She meets Dr Carter who is new th... ...more

By Kezz April 22, 2019

A touching love story between a doctor and his patient in a lunatic asylum. New to the Blackwell Asylum, Will Carter looks forward to working with the respected and reputable doctor who heads up this asylum. His aspirations to secure a long term post are quickly dashed as he loses his respect for... ...more

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3.84 avg rating
Julia Bennet

About the author

Julia Bennet

Julia spent years looking for something to do with her English degree. Insurance underwriting, proofreading academic papers, and waitressing all proved unsatisfying. She spent an alarming amount of time daydreaming at her desk until she decided she might as well put the stories in her head down on paper. When Julia isn’t writing, she enjoys spending time with her two children and her amazing husband/I.T. support.

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