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Peek Inside The Mate

Fallon already broke Maddie's heart once, but if he can't convince her that they're meant to be, she'll die... and he won't be far behind.

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Maddie Thompson’s life just fell down a rabbit hole. Finding out she's a dragon shifter was one thing—she never quite fit into the human world, and this new reality feels…strangely right. However, discovering the next step is to choose a mate, and if she chooses wrong she'll die, is the other side of crazy. Especially when she already left a piece of her heart with someone who didn't want it.

To say dragon enforcer Fallon Conleth was shocked when the Mating Council summoned him as a potential mate for a newly found dragon doesn’t quite cover it. A mate is rare and precious and many dragons never find theirs. Fallon isn’t sure he’s worthy of the honor, not when so many deserve it more. He’ll just go through the motions and return home alone…until he sees Maddie. The human woman he reluctantly let walk away.

Fallon already broke Maddie's heart once, but if he can't convince her that they're meant to be, she'll die... and he won't be far behind.

Each book in the Fire's Edge series is STANDALONE:
* The Mate (prequel)
* The Boss
* The Rookie
* The Enforcer
* The Protector


"A quick and fun read with the inside scoop on dragons, who are definitely hot and testosterone-fueled, even with the archaic mating process!" --Dianne, Goodreads

"This was a fantastic read. The author set up this series perfectly with this brief glimpse into dragon culture and the upheaval in their social structure." --Sydney M Neblatt, Goodreads

"The book is exciting with edge gripping action and steamy romance.  I am hooked and I can't wait to see what Abigail has in store for her dragon shifter hotties." --Patty, Goodreads

Additional Details

ISBN: 9781640636859
Series: Fire's Edge, Book 0.5
Release Date: Sep 17, 2018
Page Count: 149
Imprint: amara next
Genre: paranormal, shifters
Tropes: bodyguard/protector, fish out of water, forbidden love/off limits, overcoming odds

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By Dianne September 10, 2018

If a human female chooses a wrong mate, there is divorce, if a female dragon chooses wrong, there is a fiery death. Maddie has found out she is a dragon shifter, she bears “the mark” and has had the “symptoms.” Now she is told she must pick a mate, her fated mate, from a lineup of sizzlingly hot guy ...more

By Marta September 25, 2018

I saw this authors full length book The Boss mentioned by a friend and when I investigated discovered this prequel was actually free on Amazon. I enjoy paranormal romance and note that well written, fast paced books in this genre seem to sadly be on the decrease . I get that authors write for their ...more

By Sherry September 18, 2018

Fallon is called before The Mating Council. She has been found. Mating is a compulsion, a biological drive for dragon shifters. He’d only been drawn to one female and she was a human, forbidden tho him. Fallon is an enforcer, and always does the right thing, so matter what, he would do what the Coun ...more

By Sydney M Neblett February 26, 2020

No pressure

This was a fantastic read. The author set up this series perfectly with this brief glimpse into dragon culture and the upheaval in their social structure. I actually read this book as the second book instead of the prequel as it was intended, so I think I had a little jump on the understa ...more

By Luna August 14, 2020

This was a great introduction to Owen's dragon shifter world. You can jump into the series and enjoy all the world building without an information overload set in the background of a second chance romance in a supercharged version of the Bachelorette where one dragon mate picks from her five possibl ...more

By Leash September 13, 2019

3.5 🌟 short but sweet. 3.5 due to the length. ...more

Imagine finding out dragons exist. And that you are someone who could be a mate to one of them – you would become a dragon yourself and extend your lifespan! But if you choose wrong you die. An agonizing, horrible, painful death. Not to mention what happens to the dragon you mistakenly chose as well ...more

By Romance Schmomance (Malia) November 28, 2018


I'm on a bit of a dragon-shifter kick with my reads and I have been entirely intrigued by the way of the dragons. I just finished one dragon series, so I was eager to get into the Fire's Edge series. I received a copy of The Boss, but a friend t ...more

By Amelia September 19, 2018

With a fascination for anything that deals with dragons, I was very excited to see THE MATE is about not only these mystical creatures but that the hero was a firefighter. The world imagined by Abigail Owen for her extraordinary beings is truly remarkable, as details are exceedingly inventive while ...more

By Teresa September 28, 2018

You've got to love the dragons

The Mate by Abigail Owen is the second book of her Fire Dragon's series. I've read both of them now and this can be read as a standalone or in order. The Boss will give you a snippet of the conversation between Finn and Fallon throughout this book though..

Madeline Thomp ...more

By Kelly-Jo September 18, 2018

I finished The Boss a few days ago and was eager to read more about these dragon shifters. A quick look on Abigail's website and I discovered that there was a prequel available and what's more, it was free. I quickly downloaded and then, because I couldn't resist it, I had to give it a read.
This is ...more

By Betty September 26, 2018

I enjoyed this book a lot. This is really a prequel to the first book of a new paranormal romance, The Boss which is due to come out soon. Maddie Thompson's life just went down the rabbit hole when she finds out she is a dragon shifter, but thought she was human but just didn't fit in somehow. They ...more

By Tracey September 24, 2018

I had already read book one in the series, which I thoroughly enjoyed so diving into the prequel was easy for me to do.

Fallon has been summoned to the dragon headquarters to be a possible mate, little does he know its the woman he left a while ago to protect her from a difficult discovery. Maddy is ...more

By Linda Levine September 20, 2018

Enjoyed the story

This is a well written story that has lots of action and romance. You jump right into the story and it keeps going at a fast pace.

She has a difficult choice to make and a short time limit. She has to decide if she can trust her heart to keep her alive. I thought they made a great c ...more

By Patty August 29, 2018

Fallon Conleth is nervous.  After all that his brother went through during the mating ritual, he is scared the same could happen to him.  He doesn't even want a mate, but when a potential human showed the sign of his dragon clan, he was chosen.  So here he is taking part in the ritual.  Maybe it wil ...more

By Pansy September 18, 2018

If you like dragon's, you really don't want to miss this! It is a new take on the wonderful world of dragon's. Well a peak, anyway, into this author's version of their mating rituals. OMG! What a hassle! But it is a fun introduction this new series - Fire's Edge. It does a good job of giving some in ...more

By Diane September 28, 2018

Normally, I don't read dragon-shifter stories. This book changed my mind. Intense and emotional. Can't wait to read the next book (1st full-length novel in this series). ...more

By Dena September 27, 2018


This was so cool. I liked the different points of view. The different guys and the politics going around was so intriguing. I hope I get to read the other's stories. I'm very much intrigued ...more

By SheLove2Read September 02, 2019

I love me some Dragon shifters! This was a really satisfying read. Fallon is alpha but not an ass. Maddie was (thank the gods) not stubborn or stupid. I'm looking forward to the rest of this series. ...more

By Kimberly C. Winslow September 20, 2018

Liked it!

Short and sweet! Unique storyline with characters I liked. Recommend for something different. If you like shifter stories you will enjoy this. ...more

By Julie January 25, 2020

This is the prequel to the series. I loved it. Of course I wished it was longer. It’s a VERY quick read and I suggest reading it because it helps give insight and background to the mate process and will help you understand the reasons why Finn (in the first book) has such reservations and responds t ...more

By Sandi September 18, 2018

Wonderful new spin on Dragon Fated Mates & a Really God Book

I love Dragons. So I was excited to read author Abigail Owens book "The Mate" to see just how above handles my favorite shifters critter. I have to say I am extremely pleased with the outcome of Fallon and Maddie's book. It was a great way ...more

By Christine September 18, 2018

With a HEA ending for the hero and heroine and no cliff hanger ending, this was a very satisfying read. The story had humor, action, mystery, suspense, dragon shifters, and steamy romance. The world building was pretty good without an information dump. I am really looking forward to reading the othe ...more

By Doris September 18, 2018


This first in the series was sweet and true. It always awkward when you think you're doing the right thing only to be so wrong. ...more

By Josie January 18, 2019

**no spoilers** LOVE IT! A new series and this prequel definitely got me in the mood to continue to the next book...The Boss. I can't wait to see how things play out. ...more

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3.78 avg rating
Abigail Owen

About the author

Award Winning Author

Abigail Owen

Award-winning paranormal romance author Abigail Owen grew up consuming books and exploring the world through her writing. She loves to write witty, feisty heroines, sexy heroes who deserve them, and a cast of lovable characters to surround them (and maybe get their own stories). She currently resides in Austin, Texas, with her own personal hero, her husband, and their two children, who are growing up way too fast.

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