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Peek Inside The Right Kind of Guy

Romance novelist Kelsey Spencer doesn’t believe in love, and she's tired of faking her way through happily ever afters. Determined to change things up, she heads to the Las Vegas Romance Lovers Convention. But Kelsey’s plans derail the second she meets buttoned-up alphahole Aaron Grant. While trying to keep his impulsive sister from marrying a beefcake cover model, Kelsey and Aaron are left questioning everything they know about romance and love...and if falling in love might just be worth the gamble.

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Love is a gamble…

Romance novelist Kelsey Spencer doesn’t believe in love, and she's tired of faking her way through happily ever afters. Determined to change things up, she heads to the Las Vegas Romance Lovers Convention. But somewhere between half-naked cover models and hot Navy SEALs, Kelsey’s plans derail…

Especially once she meets über-fan Jasmine Grant…and Jasmine’s über-hot alphahole brother, Aaron.

Buttoned-up Aaron Grant never thought he’d find himself at a romance convention, but here he is, trying to convince his impulsive sister not to marry a beefcake cover model. His only hope is to enlist the aid of the cynical (and sexy) romance writer his sister worships.

After a sweltering jaunt around Vegas, some strange conference hijinks, and one outrageous proposal, Kelsey and Aaron are left questioning everything they know about romance and love…and if falling in love might just be worth the gamble.

Additional Details

ISBN: 9781633757523
Series: What Happens in Vegas, Book 17
Release Date: Oct 17, 2016
Page Count: 177
Imprint: lovestruck
Genre: contemporary, romantic comedy
Tropes: across the tracks

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By Nicola October 13, 2016

4.5 stars.

This book was exactly my cuppa. There's no question that this is what the cover says--a romantic comedy--and, if dry, subtle, tongue-in-cheek humour is your MO, then it's a fair bet you'll enjoy The Right Kind of Guy hugely; I giggled, snorted and cackled my way through this in pretty m... ...more

By Ingrid October 16, 2016

4 out of 5 funny stars!!!!

I definitely liked the book, and the characters, and the chemistry, and the theme, and the second characters, and…. Did I mention I liked the book???

This is a feel good, have fun, read with a cup of coffee and relax type of book.

I read it in less than 24 hours!! This is... ...more

By Gaele October 17, 2016

Kelsey is a romance author, who doesn’t believe in the stories she writes: tropes, insta love, steamy connections, friends to lovers, you name it: she mocks it privately. Now the time is come to put up or shut up: the big convention in Vegas where romance fans and megafans gather to celebrate all... ...more

By Fizza October 19, 2016

It's an interesting read. i enjoyed the story and loved the characters. Kelsey is a romance writer who doesn't want to write romance. Aaron is a brother who wants his sister to stop believing in fairy tales. Together they both make quite a team. Jasmine is Kelsey's fan and she has decided to fall... ...more

By Bette October 15, 2016

The Vegas Romance Writers convention comes to a close with a witty tongue in cheek story of a romance writer, Kelsey Spencer, who wants to go into a different direction with her writing and super sexy brother of her biggest fan. Kelsey meets Aaron Grant as he dogs his sister at the convention try... ...more

By Jordan October 15, 2016

This is a new author for me but I was intrigued by it, it is written in 3rd person which normally takes me a while to get used to, but this was surprisingly easy, although some bits were a bit confusing where it went from the different people in the same paragraph without separating them but I go... ...more

By Laura October 16, 2016

What do you get when throw in a Vegas Romance Convention, 2 hot authors and a funny sister? Chemistry and one hell of a hilarious, tongue in cheek romance!

I loved this fast paced romance and the chemistry between Kelsey and Aaron.

Definitely recommend this romance, it can't stay in Vegas baby!

I vo... ...more

By Bec October 17, 2016

For romance novelist Kelsey Spencer, meeting fans at conventions is supposed to be fun. However, when she meets Jasmine Grant and her brother, Aaron, her life turns a little crazy. It doesn't help that she's become cynical about romance, and looking to branch out into other genres in her writing.... ...more

By Nicole October 17, 2016

To read all my reviews, go to: Between Books

+4 your-own-idea-of-HEA-is-better stars!

What Happens In Vegas is a long series by different authors, the only thing that they have in common is that all stories happen in Las Vegas, so if you did not like one, there is no reason you will no... ...more

By Hilda October 06, 2016

I received this book via NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.

When I read the blurb on this book it gave me the impression of a different book. But I was totally surprised and delighted with the storyline.

I laughed out loud and walked around with a smile on my face. This quick paced romant... ...more

By Bookbuster October 12, 2016

I am thoroughly and maniacally impressed. I'm not going to go through this the long way like I usually do, but I'll keep it simple and straight to the point—which how this book actually is. Never in my reading history have I ever laughed like a crazy idiot from the very beginning of a book—like n... ...more

By April September 23, 2016

Thanks to net galley.con for the ARC!
This book is so good, a bit to many swear words for my liking but still a good story and great characters. I loved that the setting of this book was at a romance writers convention in Vegas and that they spent the whole time chasing after the sister. So rando... ...more

By Isha October 14, 2016

Romance is the underdog of literary fiction. Many may not take the genre seriously, but the evidence doesn't lie, it's a juggernaut. Part of the reason why is because of the ability it has to branch out into other genres and deliver charming and mysterious characters Another reason is because the... ...more

By Sascha October 17, 2016

4 1/2
Kelsey Spencer, romance novelist, is attending a romance convention in Las Vegas. She’s had enough romance writing. She want to write thrillers because she is tired of perpetuating the BS myth of romance. Jasmine, one of Kelsey’s biggest fans, is at the convention, but trying to avoid her co... ...more

By Sophie September 20, 2016

Netgalley copy in exchange for an honest review.

I really liked this book! It was funny, easy to read and very entertaining! The style is great, fresh and fast-paced, and the characters are all loveable in their own way. It felt realistic, which makes it a good contemporary romance in my opinion.... ...more

By Katrina October 10, 2016

The Right Kind of Guy by Kerri-Leigh Grady is Book 17 of the What Happens in Vegas Series.

An ARC was generously provided in exchange for an honest review and I did so voluntarily.

This is an honest hit-the-spot, laugh-out-loud, fast-paced romantic comedy that pokes all kinds of fun and highlights... ...more

By D. September 24, 2016

thanks Netgalley for a copy of the book. his was a great fun read. really loved the main characters. Kelsey didnt think real love existed but only wrote about it. Aaron was a busy man in his career to even want to settle down. with the help of his sister, they both realized what was right in fron... ...more

By Suz November 08, 2016

The Right Kind of Guy is a laugh out loud read with all the feels that come from a great romance story. The book features endearingly potty-mouthed female characters, hunky cover models, and a swoon-worthy hero. The Romance convention backdrop is almost a character itself and provides great oppor... ...more

By Mommaleena October 17, 2016

Romantic Comedy

Romance author Kelsey Spencer was in Vegas along with everyone else for the romance convention. If you wanted to break into the industry, the Comic Con of the romance genre was definitely the place to do it. She loved sitting at a signing hearing as one reader after another gushe... ...more

By BookSnuggle October 18, 2016

Wow this was great! I loved the humor, sexual chemistry, and the romance. Once you start reading this book you will not want to put it down.

"The Right Kind of Guy" by Kerri-Leigh Grady is part of the "What Happens in Vegas" series. This is romance novelist Kelsey Spencer and Aaron Grant's story.... ...more

By Rachel October 26, 2016

copy kindly gifted through netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
Kelsey is a romance writer who doesn't really believe what she writes. While at a romance convention she meets Jasmine, one of her biggest fans. Unfortunately Jasmine believes in fairy tales & is dodging her responsibilitie... ...more

By Denise October 17, 2016

I really enjoy storylines that revolve around romance writers since I love to read romance. so like this one I will gravitate towards it do to that fact but this also looked like it would be a shoe in for other delightful stuff. I was not disappointed as soon as I opened it you get solid characte... ...more

By Linda September 19, 2016

I really enjoyed this book - it's contemporary romance that is engaging and fun. Even better, the author has allowed the characters to poke fun at the genre while simultaneously drawing you into her romantic tale.

If f-bombs disturb you, you might want to pass this one by, but if they don't, you w... ...more

By Gavinsmommaloves2read October 24, 2016

Romance Novelist Kelsey Spencer doesn't believe in love or the stuff she writes she heads to a romance conference hoping it will help. There she meets her uber fan Jasmine Grant and her hot alphahole brother Aaron. Aaron and Kelsey have an instant attraction and they both dont belive in love. But... ...more

By Chanda October 13, 2016

A feel good story about how romance can save you from yourself. Kelsey had lost her desire to write romance, she no longer believes in the HEA. At a romance authors convention in Vegas she meets Aaron a rich playboy and his crazy cussing sister Jas.

Aaron thinks romance novels have help make his... ...more

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3.64 avg rating
Kerri-Leigh Grady

About the author

Kerri-Leigh Grady

KL Grady spends her spare time perfecting canning techniques and stockpiling machetes, coffee, and QuikClot. When she’s not preparing for the zombie apocalypse, she drinks an insane amount of coffee and pretends to be just another soccer mom. She has an MFA in Writing Popular Fiction from Seton Hill University, where she studied urban fantasy, horror, and romance. And tortured the faculty. Who are glad to see her gone. This week, KL lives in Virginia Beach. Next week, she'll be wherever the Navy sends her family.

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