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Peek Inside The Sins of a Few

The moment he returns to his hometown, Nathanial Abbot knows Salem has changed. It's dark with discord and suspicion... and accusations of witchcraft. Now all that remains for him is the woman he's never forgotten. But Faith Downing isn't happy to see Nathanial. His younger sisters have been the source of many deaths, including her aunt's. And yet Faith still responds to the man Nathanial has become, kindling something in her that speaks of sin. But in the darkness of Salem, evil still lives...

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Salem, 1692

The moment he steps off the boat and into his hometown of Salem, Nathanial Abbot knows the rumors about Salem are indeed true. For in the two years since he’s left Salem—disowned by his family and seeking a fortune of his own—the town has changed. It is dark with discord and suspicion… and accusations of witchcraft. Now all that remains for him is the woman he’s never forgotten.

But Faith Downing isn’t happy to see Nathanial. In his absence, his younger sisters have ignited the chain of hysteria that resulted in twenty deaths—including Faith’s aunt, to whom Nathanial owed his life. Yet through her acrimony, Faith can’t prevent herself from responding to the man Nathanial has become, handsome and kind. A man who kindles something in her that speaks of sin.


"I highly recommend this book and series to any who enjoy historical romance mixed with a little history." --Bunny's Review

"Excellent work, Sarah Ballance. I'll be reading more of your works soon, I'm sure. I can't wait to see what else you write in addition to historicals. Big, five-star recommend!" --Amelyn Randall, Goodreads

"...I found this to be a relatively quick read, with an interesting setting and engaging characters, some steamy love scenes (don't tell the Puritans!) and a believable romance." --Maria Rose, Goodreads

"I enjoyed The Sins of a Few as well as the first two books in the series. I’m impressed with several things. One certainly is knowing the author never wrote historical romance before this series. Another is the amount of research performed to bring Salem to life for the reader, especially the way they spoke. I would definitely recommend The Sins of a Few (and the Sins of Salem series). Give yourself a gift by reading this book and series." --Karen, Goodreads

Additional Details

ISBN: 9781633751026
Series: Sins of Salem, Book 3
Release Date: Oct 13, 2014
Page Count: 236
Imprint: scandalous
Genre: historical
Tropes: across the tracks, enemies to lovers

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By ρυηүα [Punya Reviews...] October 27, 2014

My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the book... for more, visit Punya Reviews...

Sarah Ballance’s Sins of Salem series has gotten better by the installment. As usual, I loved the setting and the story telling in The Sins of a Few. If only not for the h, Faith, I ...more

By Ashley May 09, 2015

Strong historical romance set in Salem, just after the notorious Salem witch trials. Faith Downing is in mourning, her life and town ripped apart by lies, her beloved Aunt Ruth a victim of the false accusations, most of which came from the daughters of the town's most prominent family, The Abbots. N ...more

By Amelyn October 15, 2014

Historical Romance in the time of the Salem witch trials...

WoW. I did NOT know until the end-of-book information that this author did not usually write historical romance. Apparently, she was born to do this. The language kept me back in time every single second. There was not a hint of contemporary ...more

By Jessica February 05, 2016

I've never read a book in this time period, so it made it all the more intriguing to me. I think Sarah Ballance did an exceptional job with her research of the times. I don't know everything about this time period, but I know enough to know this book had it's facts straight. HUGE plus! If I was to p ...more

By Alycia September 22, 2014

I ADORE this cover. One of my favorites. ...more

By Patty October 11, 2014

Salem has no more trails, but the pain remains. Can the sins of his family keep him from claiming the heart of his perfect love?

Faith Downing's world was unjustly ripped apart by the Abbot girls accusing her Aunt Ruth of witchcraft. Her aunt was the last to be hanged before the governor of Massachu ...more

By Maria Rose March 31, 2015

This historical romance is the story of Faith and Nathanial. Back from a long absence overseas, Nathanial is shocked to discover that Salem has been rocked with witchcraft accusations caused by his family and is just beginning the long road to normalcy again. When he meets Faith to extend his condol ...more

By Stacy October 19, 2014

Lovely story. I really liked it and I am hoping the series did not end. I love the Salem period and really enjoyed the snapshot of the fear, judgement, and hope that ruled people lives for the period. The author drew me into the story and hooked me until the very end.

Faith was a wonderful character ...more

By KyBunnies October 29, 2014

Originally posted at Bunny's Review

When starting this book I did not realize it was the second in the series. I read the first book but did not connect the author or title together until I was almost finished. I knew the story and characters sounded familiar but the connection was just not there for ...more

By Karen October 26, 2014

The Sins of a Few is the last book in the Sins of Salem series. I’ve been looking forward to reading this book because I wanted to see how the author wrapped up the series. I was especially interested in learning if the troublemakers received their comeuppance!

This is Nathanial’s and Faith’s story. ...more

By Sue January 23, 2015


Sarah Balance has done a lot of research in many thing to make it seem like you a 1690 Salem, Massachusetts. For just a few she used the way they would have talked back then, the ways they thought and believed to bring Salem to life right after th ...more

By Crystal January 07, 2015

 a first, January 7, 2015

By Crystal Yawn "Crystal" (Wi)

This review is from: The Sins of a Few (Entangled Scandalous) (Kindle Edition)

This is the first I've read from this time period. Some of the conversations are hard to follow with period talk but it is very interesting to take a story we all lea ...more

By Sassy Beta Reading & Review January 01, 2015

Great book 3 in the series! This was probably one of my favorite series that I read in 2014 (and I read a lot!)

I loved Faith and Nathanial. This was a great continuation of the story, the dialogue between characters flowed really well and the description to detail was done well enough to not be bog ...more

By PelicanFreak December 28, 2014

As this book opens, I am transported back to Salem, MA during the infamous 1690’s! I’m hooked right away and while a few bits of conversation do not seem accurate for the times, overall it feels pretty real. After reading just about 10% of the way in, I had to go to work and while I worked that day, ...more

By Patricia September 28, 2014

I have a deep interest and obsession of anything historic or otherwise related to Salem or the witch trials. I even went there to pay respect and show respect by remembering the injustice the past ignorance delivered these unfortunate souls.
So when I was presented this book I was thrilled to experie ...more

By Tammy January 29, 2015

Sins of a Few is the final book in the Salem series. It can be read by itself- I haven’t read the first two books- and plan to do so now. I never felt as if I were lost of missing part of the story.
Sarah Balance is an amazing writer. She has the knack for taking the reader on a trip back to the Sal ...more

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Sarah Ballance

About the author

USA Today Best Selling Author

Sarah Ballance

Sarah and her husband of what he calls “many long, long years” live on the mid-Atlantic coast with their six young children, all of whom are perfectly adorable when they’re asleep. She never dreamed of becoming an author, but as a homeschooling mom, she often jokes she writes fiction because if she wants anyone to listen to her, she has to make them up. (As it turns out, her characters aren’t much better than the kids). To learn more about her work in contemporary, historical, and supernatural romance and romantic suspense, please stalk accordingly. To sign-up for Sarah's newsletter, sign-up here:

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