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Peek Inside The Wager

Anne Middleton never plays by the rules. She is willful when she should be obedient and unabashed when she should be decorous. Worse still, she can never resist a good wager. Michael Grey—the Earl of Thornhill—knows Anne is no lady of decorum, but her bold impulsiveness slips through his armor, and propriety is forgotten. Roused by heady desire, Michael tempts Anne in a way she cannot resist—a wager. Thus begins a game of chance, where coins have been replaced by a currency that is far more illicit. And the stakes of seduction are dangerous indeed...

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London, 1818

Anne Middleton never plays by the rules. She is willful when she should be obedient and unabashed when she should be decorous. Worse still, she can never resist a good wager… or a very naughty book. And Confessions of a Courtesan is about as sensational and risque as a book can be.

Michael Grey – Earl of Thornhill – had once courted Anne’s sweet and modest sister. But whilst Anne is certainly no lady of decorum, her bold impulsiveness slips through his armor, and propriety is forgotten. Now he too is immersed in the book of forbidden delights, where each page is an invitation to sin and a guide to pleasures unknown…

Roused by heady desire, Michael tempts Anne in a way she cannot resist – a wager. Thus begins a game of chance, where coins have been replaced by a currency that is far more illicit. And the stakes of seduction are dangerous indeed…

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By Meags May 06, 2019

4 Stars

Anne Middleton is bold and wilful - attributes that are considered unrefined and unladylike by the standards of proper society. She holds no interest in marriage, at least not one in which she must dull her character to win gentlemanly affection. She simply wants to be loved for who she is, w ...more

By Amanda April 05, 2017

I was grinning from ear to ear while reading The Wager. We’re talking full on Joker-face here, except less creepy...maybe. It all starts with the theft (or borrowing) of a naughty book that pairs together an impish heroine and a stuffy hero. Hilarity and LOTS OF FEELS quickly followed.

How to put int ...more

By Miriam August 07, 2014

Anne didn’t defy convention because she was spiteful. She did so because she refused to be anything less than who she really was. Michael, on the other hand, was a stickler for convention. As an Earl, it was imperative he abide by society rules or risk being shunned by the ton.

Then he was reacquaint ...more

By herdys May 12, 2017

Those letters, the naughty book references, the final wager, LOVED IT. ...more

By Deborah April 06, 2016

The Wager is book two in Lily Maxton's Sister's of Scandal series. I very much liked both Anne and Michael. Their story is a bit unconventional but it works. I am a sucker for historicals with strong women who buck society's oppressiveness. Anne is very outspoken and doesn't follow the rules. Becaus ...more

By Tin May 10, 2016

When I found out that the next book in Lily Maxton's series involved the man whose proposal Elizabeth rejected, and Elizabeth's sister, Anne, I knew I needed to read it right away.

Anne Middleton isn't your typical English lady -- she swears, speaks her mind, and loves to make wagers. In fact, it was ...more

By Becca November 08, 2017

Awwwww. I really liked this short novella. Anne was unashamedly herself with some vulnerability with the earl. Michael, the Earl of Thornhill started out as stodgy but soon revealed, only to Anne, that he had a deeper, naughty and emotional streak. Was everything fully fleshed out as it would be in ...more

By Noura February 23, 2016

Ok, so after the first book i must admit that i got addicted to Lily Maxton's little yummy bites of historical romance (there should be more of these out there). This book is great for short readings where you don't have a lot of time but you still want a good histo-rom fix.

So Anne Middleton, Elizab ...more

By CassandraG January 21, 2015

It was nice, interesting and a little naughty. You like Anne Middleton from the beginning and you like her till you get to the end. You even like Earl Thornhill, AKA Michael. The letters to each other were pretty funny and they actually made a good couple, despite the fact that he’d been engaged to ...more

By Juliana Philippa November 08, 2018

Setting and Characters.
London and Brighton, 1818
Miss Anne Middleton and Michael Grey, Earl of Thornhill

Review. From Book 1 of this series I had already been looking forward to Anne's story, because she swears, is straightforward, opinionated, flies in the face of what a gentile lady should be like, ...more

By Camille August 23, 2014

5 stars! a great novella. Despite its short length, the story is surprisingly full and emotionally satisfying.

Review first posted @ Girl meets Books

What worked for me?

First off, how amazingly sweet is this book’s cover or what? I mean I love historical romance book covers but this one is different, ...more

By Book Gannet February 27, 2016

Like the first book in this series (The Affair) this is a short, sexy bite of Regency fun, although this time it’s the heroine who is a little unconventional and the hero who is best known for being perfectly proper. However, if historical accuracy matters to you, then be aware that Anne is very mod ...more

By Connie July 31, 2014

The Wager was a wonderful, short, and sweet read. Anne Middleton is the middle daughter and could never resist a good wager amongst sisters. At a party, she finds herself in a wager where she must sneak into the library and produce a copy of the most scandalous book, "Confessions of a Courtesan." Sh ...more

By Denise August 10, 2014

This is a delightful diversion into a era that had lots of protocols and rules where men seem to be the rule makers. The woman were there to be good wives or arm trophies but there were the few that actual broke protocol. This author has done a splendid job of introducing two characters that meet th ...more

By Amira July 27, 2014

I liked this book. From the first page I was drawn into Anne and Micheal story. Though short I felt like I got enough time to fall in love with both characters, and I certainly loved how the author reveal nits and pieces of each character through letters to each other. Those letters had me smiling a ...more

By Amy August 10, 2014

This is book 2 in the Sisters of Scandal series.

Looking for a naughty book in her host's library to win a bet with her sister, Anne Middleton encounters Michael Grey, the Earl of Thornhill. Having once courted Anne's sister, Anne believes that Michael has a dislike of her.

Being very abrupt with Mic ...more

By Betty August 12, 2014

This is a very well written historical romance. Anne Middleton is a strong will rather outspoken nice young woman. This is her fourth season but she is in no hurry to find a husband. She is at a party and in the host's library looking for a rather erotic book in order to win a bet with her younger ...more

By Maria Rose March 31, 2015

This quick and fun read is the story of the romance between Anne and Michael. Meeting in a chance encounter at a social event of the Ton, they find they have a shared taste for adventure. A wager ensues - one in which winning or losing still results in delightful temptations and a chance at love.

I ...more

By Elizabeth January 30, 2015

This is definitely my kind of book. An Earl who is everything that is proper and h who is the black sheep of the family. She has had four seasons and seems to scare away all possible suitors tossed in her path. Then you add in a library with a certain artifact that becomes the subject of the story. ...more

By Lindsey July 28, 2016

Would you ever consider a relationship with a man who proposed to your sister? I know I wouldn’t. But I’m not Anne Middleton.

The Middleton sisters are at it again! This time, middle sister Anne, is finding love where she least expects it. Anne is brash, intelligent, and can’t resist a wager. When lo ...more

By WTF Are You Reading? July 28, 2014

Outspoken, fiery, and still ever the lady. Young Anne Middleton is used to being bested by her much sought after sister Elizabeth; when it comes to the game of love. Little does she know however, that one harmless wager, and the chance meeting that results, will lead her to a game of passion where t ...more

By Gilgamesha June 22, 2015

I love the rebellious heroines...they curse, they wager, and they are not afraid to challenge the strait-laced gentlemen who despise them lol. It was a cute short story..I really liked Anne from the first Novella and I am glad she gets her own story. Grey is a suprise...I loved his adorable attempts ...more

By Greselley May 15, 2018

Wow, the idea that the new Earl of Thornhill could be a potentially good hero has never crossed my mind. I was surprised how much I like him once the author has given us a chance to see the depth of his character. I enjoyed it so much, I wish it could be longer than this. So much better than the fir ...more

By Sadia April 22, 2018

Anne and the Earl. Good. I liked Michael and wanted him to have a happy story. Made me smile. ...more

By Natalie October 12, 2017

This was as sweet as the first book but what made it better were the letters that started their feelings/romance! And I'm always a sucker for that. ...more

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Lily Maxton

About the author

Lily Maxton

Lily Maxton grew up in the Midwest, reading, writing, and daydreaming amidst cornfields. After graduating with a degree in English, she decided to put her natural inclinations to good use and embark on a career as a writer. When she’s not working on a new story, she likes to tour old houses, add to her tea stash, and think of reasons to avoid housework.

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