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Peek Inside Three Day Fiancée

All Caitlin has to do is fake a relationship with Taylor in front of his entire family, survive a fierce game of truth or dare with an unscrupulous pair of octogenarians, endure a one-on-one round of Twister with Taylor, and not lose her heart to a guy who turns out to be a lot more than she’d bargained for.

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Helicopter pilot Taylor Blankenship’s time schedule is maxed out. Between his job, his one-hundred and fifty-pound slobbering mess of a dog, and his matchmaking grandmother, he has no time for anyone or anything—especially a woman. If only there were a way to get Grams to back down.

The job of New York City dog walker suits Caitlin Ramos perfectly while she preps for her CPA exam—steady, scheduled, and requiring very little human interaction; a huge seller since she’s still on the mend from a toxic relationship. Men suck. Especially her bossy, hot client with the Saint Bernard that thinks it’s a lap dog. No way will she go for his plan to pretend they’re engaged to get his grandmother off his case. Down, boy.

Offered a bargain she can’t refuse, Caitlin finds herself playing the part of fiancée to Taylor. Fortunately, it’s only for three days. All she has to do is fake a relationship with Mr. Bossy Pants in front of his entire family, survive a fierce game of truth or dare with an unscrupulous pair of octogenarians, endure a one-on-one round of Twister with Taylor, and not lose her heart to a guy who turns out to be a lot more than she’d bargained for.


"Another wonderful Marissa Clarke book full of humor and swoon-worthy romance. Loved every minute!" - Kira Archer, USA Today bestselling author

“This was one of those novels that you are spontaneously smiling away and everyone around you thinks you’ve lost your mind…yes, it’s that good.” - Beth, Tome Tender

“From the moment Caitlin and Taylor meet, their relationship is pure romantic comedy gold.” - Elley the Book Otter

Hot damn what a great book this is!..Well written, low angst, lots of love and a man who loves his dog. I loved it. Yes you should read it. Absolutely!!” - Ayekah, review

“I’d recommend Marissa Clarke’s Three-Day Fiancée to anyone who enjoys a good romantic comedy heavy on both the romance and the comedy.” - The Word Nerd reviews

Adorable! I completely fell in love with Caitlin and Taylor in this sweet romance.” - Melena T., review

A delightfully entertaining and heartwarming story that’ll having you laughing one moment and then sighing the next.” - Becky B., review

“This is a delightful book that made me smile and laugh out loud, while also swooning over Taylor. I even swooned over the dog...what could be better than a Saint Bernard that thinks he's a lapdog?” - Linda Q., review

Hilarious. Loved this one to pieces. Taylor and Caitlin were perfect.” - Library Girl, review

Additional Details

ISBN: 9781640635074
Series: Animal Attraction, Book 2
Release Date: May 14, 2018
Page Count: 228
Imprint: lovestruck
Genre: contemporary, romantic comedy
Tropes: bet/dare/wager, fake engagement

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By Claire May 14, 2018

4 - "Find a way..." Stars!

The second book in Marissa Clarke’s Animal Attraction series, gives us Caitlin Ramos and Taylor Blankenship’s story, one which initially starts around her walking his dog Beau.

As sexy as he was in his uniform, she preferred him in a bath towel…

Their first meeting comes ...more

By Nicola May 14, 2018

Fun and feel good, Three Day Fiancée is literally as it says on the tin, and with a feel not too dissimilar to the film The Proposal, is an enjoyable addition to Marissa Clarke’s Animal Attraction series.

description Nothing says I love you like a weasel.”

For their own reasons neither dog walker, Caitlin or ...more

By Beth May 17, 2018

Caitlin was asked by her friend to walk a very difficult Saint Bernard for an extreme particular and difficult client. Caitlin hit it off right away with the dog…until she accidently runs into the Saint Bernard’s owner in the buff. Chemistry flies and it gives Taylor, the difficult client, an idea. ...more

By Stacee April 21, 2018

I love the fake fiancée trope and Marissa’s words, so I jumped on this one as soon as I saw it.

I really liked Caitlin and Taylor. They’re both driven and lovely people. Together they have excellent chemistry and love for animals. Seriously, I think Beau absolutely stole every scene he was in. Or pe ...more

One thing I have always appreciated about Marissa Clarke’s romances is there is always some humor, there is always a lot of heart, there is some heat, and most of all her characters grow throughout the story. Three Day Fiancée pairs two people who go from never meeting to engaged within hours just s ...more

By Jujubee May 18, 2018

What can I say, I am a sucker for the faux fiancée trope.
You know going into it that there will be a "deal," then shenanigans, secrets, and juicy repercussions.
And Caitlin and Taylor's three-day journey did not disappoint!
My first time reading Marissa Clarke and I found her writing style ...more

By Maria Rose July 28, 2018

Marissa Clarke never fails to delight me with her romantic comedies, including this insta-love romance with an emphasis on family relationships. Caitlin goes from daily dog-walker to fake relationship when an engagement rings ends up on her finger just in time for Taylor's grandma to show up, result ...more

By Aly May 14, 2018


When they were little girls, Caitlin and her friends dreamed to open a business together, one involving pets. They recently follow the long-time wish and now own Animal Attraction, an animals care shop service.

At 21, Caitlin thought she dropped out of college for Love. Now older and wiser, she' ...more

By Sofia May 15, 2018

I liked the hero, his family and pretty much everything in this book. Caitlin was not one of my favorite things about this book, but I won't hold it against her or the book. The story is good and the secondary characters only make things perfect. My favorite parts of the book were the ones with Tayl ...more

By Nancy September 02, 2019

Rating: 3.75/5

Review to come! ...more

By Jeannine April 22, 2018

This was a sweet and cute fake fiancé story. This was my first book by this author and I didn’t know that it was the second book in the series. I had no trouble following along. This is a good book for animal lovers, there was some shenanigans from them at the end. I thought Taylor and Caitlin were ...more

By Elley April 22, 2018

I was in a book slump and had already picked up and rejected several books; then I picked up Three Day Fiancée and didn't put it down until I'd finished it. From the moment Caitlin and Taylor meet, their relationship is pure romantic comedy gold. As with any book that focuses on the pretend engageme ...more

By Elaine May 13, 2018

Rating 4.5/5*

From the very start this fun romance had me laughing out loud. Caitlin Ramos is the only dog walker who seems able to cope with Taylor Blankenship’s boisterous St Bernard, Beau. One day as she enters his flat to collect the dog she meets Taylor for the first time - clad in a towel and c ...more

By Ayekah April 18, 2018

Hot damn what a great book this is! I loved it. Between Taylor (someone throw me some ice water) and the dog.
Caity works with her tow best friends, Caity is working on getting her CPA so she can get a real job as she calls it. Right now she's a dog walker for her friends business. Fiona is a Vet, J ...more

By Book Lover May 11, 2018

Caitlyn Ramos has moved to the city to work as a dog walker with her two best friends at their animal shelter while she studies for her CPA exam. She is divorced from a cheating, total control freak who isolated her from everyone. She carries lots of baggage from this. She is fiercely independent an ...more

By Irene May 02, 2018

4.5 stars ...more

By Melissasfandomworld May 02, 2018

This book has dogs in it, a very sweet and sexy romance, two main characters who are a joy to read about and a funny and enchanting story-line that had me hooked right from the start!
When we meet Caitlin, we get to know her as a really driven person who’s on her way to getting her CPA and in the ...more

By Carla June 23, 2018

Caitlin dropped out of college to get married. It didn't work out and now, older and wiser, she's not ready to trust another man again. Working with her two best friends at Animal Attraction, she is working as a dog walker while finishing her degree. When this story begins, Caitlyn is having the wor ...more

By The Word Nerd April 27, 2018


Three Day Fiancee is a wonderfully light romantic comedy. I read this book as a bit of a refresher after finishing a few quite intense stories. It was ideally suited to this role. It is an engaging story with many funny and romantic moments, perfect for relaxation.

Marissa Clarke is a new to me autho ...more

By Debbie July 20, 2018

I loved this one! The characters, the plot, and the pet auction was great! I laughed out loud a couple of times. Taylor's grandmother was always after him because of his lack of a social life. A helicopter pilot, he spent most of his time working which left little time for dating. So when the opport ...more

By Valerie May 22, 2018

I love, LOVE pretending stories! It's my very favorite trope. So when I saw this one, I had grabby hands to get it!

This book added a couple more things I really enjoy in a book, laughter and a dog. Beau may be a Saint Bernard but he believes he's a lap dog. And he believes in slobbery kisses. I love ...more

By Sionna May 07, 2018

*I received this book through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review*

I love the stories where the couple has to pretend to be a couple and then find out they are perfect for each other. They are just so much fun! And I think this book is that feeling very well.

I did chuckle once or twice readin ...more

By Kim Reads May 17, 2018

Dog Walker Caitlin Ramos’s morning is off to a horrible start. Her building doesn’t have hot water, the deli where she gets her morning coffee isn’t able to make coffee, and she gets rained on while walking to see her 7am client, Beauregard. But, in an “oh my” jaw dropping moment, her day picks up i ...more

By Penny May 14, 2018

4 “Nonstop dreaming of shenanigans” Stars

As the first book in the Animal Attraction series, Three Days Fiancée was a fun, light and sexy read I enjoyed from start to finish.

Here we follow the story of Caitlyn, dog-walker extraordinaire soon to be a CPA and Taylor, sexy hot guy/helicopter pilot.

A se ...more

By Tia April 21, 2018

Overall - A
Plot - A
Character Development - A
Romance - A
Cover - B

I received a free copy of this title in exchange for an honest review.

Three Day Fiancee is an excellent take on the fake romance trope. Caity isn't interested in relationships after her husband ruined her for love. Taylor hasn't ...more

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4.18 avg rating
Marissa Clarke

About the author

Marissa Clarke

Marissa Clarke lives in Texas, where the everything is bigger, especially the mosquitoes. When not writing, she wrangles her rowdy pack of three teens, husband, and a Cairn Terrier named Annabel, who rules the house (and Marissa's heart) with an iron paw. She also writes young adult novels for Penguin USA as Mary Lindsey For sneak peeks at upcoming projects and chances to win prizes, join her Facebook street team group, Camp Clarke: To receive updates and insider information on Marissa's upcoming books, subscribe here:

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