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Peek Inside To Covet a Lady’s Heart

Lord Maxfeld must find a fake wife. There is nobody more suitable than Lady Phoebe. But Phoebe will not agree to a false engagement, forcing Max to blackmail her into his scheme

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One good blackmail deserves another.

After a lifetime of rakish behavior, Lord Maxfeld must pretend he’s reformed and find a fake wife. And there is nobody more suitable than Lady Phoebe. Trouble is, Phoebe will not agree to a false engagement and leaves Max no option but to blackmail her into agreeing to his scheme.

Phoebe will go to great lengths to avoid anything remotely dishonourable and blackmails Max right back—directly to the altar. Once married, though, Phoebe wants more than just Max’s ring -- she wants his heart, something he can never give....

Each book in the Landon Sisters series is a standalone story that can be enjoyed out of order.
Book one: To Win a Lady's Heart
Book two: To Covet a Lady's Heart


5 Stars: "I enjoyed every moment of this novel and look forward to seeing what Hahn might have in store for the other two Landon sisters. Whatever she dreams up, it's sure to be an adventure!" - Lindsey Gray, author of Fireworks
5 Stars: "I really liked this book, Phoebe was the perfect woman for Max." - Heather A., review
4 Stars: "I had so much fun reading To Covet a Lady's Heart. Ms. Hahn wrote her characters beautifully, creating a unique and enthralling story for her readers... A truly lovely book any historical romance reader would love!" - OMG Reads
5 Stars: "It's a very well-written novel. I thoroughly enjoyed Lady Phoebe and Lord Maxfeld's story. Both are interesting characters and the book kept me on my toes. It was the right amount of romantic, emotional, and intriguing." - Books Eater
4 Stars: "Absolutely loved this book... I loved thecharacters in this book and the way the author transports you to another time." - Charidy, review
5 Stars: "I found this writer very creative, talented and having a gift with words. A completely enjoyable read!" - Anna S., review
4 Stars: "The verbal sparring between Max & Phoebe is delightful, as Corbeau said to Max - he's met his match... A well-writtenstory about learning to let go of the past & to live for the future. The characters are well portrayed & the pace of the book is good." - Janet, review
5 Stars: "It's a great stand alone book. With that being said - I'm off to read the first book. Great characters and story!" - April H., NetGalley review

Additional Details

ISBN: 9781633758360
Series: A Landon Sisters, Book 2
Release Date: Feb 20, 2017
Page Count: 302
Imprint: scandalous
Genre: historical, historical regency
Tropes: blackmail, fake engagement

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By Sissy's Romance Book Review February 26, 2017

'To Covet a Lady's Heart' by Ingrid Hahn is book Two in the "Landon Sisters" series. This is the story of Lady Phoebe and Lord Maxfeld. Max's mother is raising his sister's child and he has decided that he wants to take the child to raise himself. But his mother feels that is wild ways and reputatio ...more

By Sissy's Romance Book Review February 20, 2017

To Covet a Lady's Heart 'To Covet a Lady's Heart' by Ingrid Hahn is book Two in the "Landon Sisters" series. This is the story of Lady Phoebe and Lord Maxfeld. Max's mother is raising his sister's child and he has decided that he wants to take the child to raise himself. But his mother feels that is ...more

By Stacy February 23, 2017

I enjoyed Max and Phoebe journey to happy ever after. Both are wonderful characters, and I easily fell in love with them. I loved Phoebe strength, her wit, and how good she was at sparring with Max and rattling his heart. He met his match in Phoebe and it was a sweet experience watching as he overca ...more

By Heather January 26, 2017

I loved that Phoebe could keep Max on his toes, and catch him off guard, "leaning forward, she lowered her voice to a mere whisper. “Did you know it’s possible to come several times in quick succession?” Max choked, coughing and sputtering. His newspaper fell to the floor as he grabbed at his throat ...more

By Tracy February 18, 2017

A step back in time to 1812 London. Lord Maxfield requires a fiancée, and has chosen Lady Phoebe.

Lady Phoebe is a strong willed, quick thinking woman. Max comes off as dark and devious, but a select few get to see what is under the public persona.

I had so much fun reading To Covet a Lady's Heart. ...more

By Cynthia February 20, 2017

This was really a good read. With the authors writing style I had to trouble picturing the scene with the vivid details she gave. I really felt like I was looking in from a window in time to the year 1800 when time was so different with so many more rules, and a society that doesn’t forgive easy. Wi ...more

By Brenda February 22, 2017

Publisher's Description:

After a lifetime of rakish behavior, Lord Maxfeld must pretend he's reformed and find a fake wife. And there is nobody more suitable than Lady Phoebe. Trouble is, Phoebe will not agree to a false engagement and leaves Max no option but to blackmail her into agreeing to his sc ...more

By Charidy February 09, 2017

Absolutely loved this book. The author easily transports you back in time to 1800s England Society. Sweet Phoebe is attending balls because her mother would like her to finally find a husband, even though she really has no desire to. But because their family is trying to recover from scandal she goe ...more

By Janet February 15, 2017

George Fitzhugh Earl of Maxfeld (Max) is a notorious rake but wants custody of his nephew Thomas & his mother wishes for him to marry. So Max decides to pretend he's reformed and find a fake wife. And there is nobody more suitable than Lady Phoebe Landon. Phoebe will not agree to a false engagement ...more

By Katrina February 20, 2017

To Covet a Lady's Heart by Ingrid Hahn is Book 2 of the Landon Sisters Series. Though this is part of a series, it can be read as a standalone.

What a touching and heartwarming series. Ms. Hahn has brought her wonderful tale to life with her endearing characters, detailed world and captivating story ...more

By Gwyn February 27, 2017

4.5 Stars
A tasty, sensual treat with well-developed characters and flow as smooth as the hero himself!
Max is in a bit of a pickle, and his has been femininely neglected. He needs to convince his mother that he’s responsible enough to take custody of his five-year-old nephew (who’s now an orphan), bu ...more

By Carrie June 19, 2017

LOVED this sweet and fun historical. ...more

By Angela February 21, 2017

Lady Phebe is used to Scandal. Her Father was a disgraceful gambler, who immersed his family in the worst sort of ruination possible. he loses the family fortune disgraced himself and his name, along with Lady Pheobe, her mother a sisters. And let his heir nothing but debts and an intended estate. L ...more

By Lindsey February 18, 2017

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

This love story doesn’t begin in blackmail. Phoebe and Max have been acquainted for a while and both have felt an attraction. Max needs a fiancé but he has no need ...more

By Rose February 22, 2017

As reviewed at Roses Are Blue:

Lady Phoebe Landon and her family have only been given a lukewarm reception back into society after the scandal they suffered when Phoebe's father gambled away their fortune. When Grace, Phoebe's sister, married an earl, invitations slowly started ...more

By Angieleigh February 20, 2017

I absolutely love historical romance. To Covet A Lady's Heart reminded me why I return to this genre time after time. It's intriguing, the characters are well developed and have amazing chemistry. I love that they already knew each other and weren't just thrown at each other; this meant they were co ...more

By Fizza February 10, 2017

I really liked it. It's an interesting story about two people who can't let "past buried". Soon they will learn that it's better to let go of the past because that's the only way to secure their future's happiness.
Lady Phoebe fears scandal. Her family has suffered enough due to her father's problems ...more

By Tammy February 21, 2017

Loved this historical read. Fast paced with lots of drama, I was hooked from beginning to end. ...more

By Anna February 07, 2017

Definitely a buy book! Okay arguably four stars not five, but for me 5 stars. There are parts of the book that just totally captured me and made me laugh and splutter. There were parts that had me frowning and those that made my heart weep. All in all with such a range of emotions I had to go 5. The ...more

By Widya July 14, 2017

This is the second book in the Landon Sisters series

Max is very sure that he's doomed for happiness and marriage due to the dark past that he kept hidden for years. He thought that no one could make him feel 'something', especially love, until he met Phoebe

Phoebe is not exactly lady like, as the dau ...more

By Elizabeth December 12, 2017

I loved the author’s skill and originality. Some of her descriptions, particularly of the hero, made me jealous. I wish I could write like that! The characters were well-drawn and both very strong, but they really put each other through it before they got their much-deserved happy ending. There were ...more

By Zara August 10, 2017

A duke needs a wife so he can get custody of his young nephew. But he's not ready to marry (of course not, it's a regency romance). So instead of just marrying someone, which would defeat the enjoyment of seeing him squirm, he blackmails a young lady into pretending to be engaged to him. The young l ...more

By The Book Junkie Reads . . . March 22, 2017

Max needs a wife to get what he wants. Lady Phoebe wants something also. They both go about getting what they want and giving more than they intended by blackmailing the other. I was a bit apprehensive to start. Blackmailing each other was not knew it was just he reasons for doing so. Max was suppos ...more

By Sharon February 25, 2017

**I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.**

This is my first time reading this author. I also mostly review contemporary books but I also enjoy the occassional well written historical. This was a new author but had an intriguing plot and I love forced marriage stories so I was exc ...more

By Krystal February 20, 2017

Although this is part two in a series, you do not need to have read the first in order for this story to make sense. You will not feel as though you are missing anything by not reading it, and if you have read the first, you will be happy to see Phoebe's sister Grace and her husband make an appearan ...more

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Ingrid Hahn

About the author

Ingrid Hahn

Ingrid Hahn is a failed administrative assistant with a B.A. in Art History. Her love of reading has turned her mortgage payment into a book storage fee, which makes her the friend who you never want to ask you for help moving. Though originally from Seattle, she now lives in the metropolitan DC area with her ship-nerd husband, small son, and four opinionated cats. When she is not reading or writing, she loves knitting, theater, nature walks, travel, history, and is a hopelessly devoted fan of Jane Austen. Please connect with her on social media! TO WIN A LADY'S HEART, a Regency Historical Romance available March 21st!

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