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Peek Inside To Win a Viscount

To gain a certain marquess’s notice, Lady Albina Beauchamp aims to win the derby and asks a handsome groom to train her. Although groom Edmund White believes beautiful Lady Albina's notions of racing are ridiculous, her determination, pluck, and spirit have him not only agreeing to help, but asking for payment: each lesson for a kiss.

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In a race for love, her heart is the prize...

England, 1820. To gain a certain marquess’s notice, Lady Albina Beauchamp aims to win the derby. What she hadn’t planned for is the price handsome Mr. Edmund White asks in payment to train her to race: each lesson for a kiss.

A first place finish isn't the only thing worth racing for.

Lady Albina Beauchamp is in love with the Marquess of Satterfield. Unfortunately, his only interest is in horses, and doesn’t know she exists. But when the marquess confesses he will bestow his undying admiration on the jockey racing the winning horse at Emberton Derby, Albina sets out to win his affections by training to race.

Mr. Edmund White is a master groomsmen for the Earl of Amhurst in line for a viscountcy, should he abandon his passion for horses and become a respectable sheep owner. But horses are his love--until he meets Lady Albina and her silly notions of racing. When she affirms she will enter the derby with or without his assistance, Edmund not only instructs his student in racing, but seduction as well.

For Albina, a first place finish isn’t the only thing at stake. She must decide whether to take her place in society...or follow her heart and love a groom.


"Frances Fowlkes does a fine job with this one! I can't wait for the next installment in The Daughters of Amhurst!" --Melanie, NetGalley

"The title doesn't make the man, the heart does. Beautiful message with a charming story." --Isha Coleman, Goodreads

"As a fan of regency romance, I’ve read a lot of different twists and turns within the genre. In To Win a Viscount, Frances Fowlkes takes a completely different and refreshing take on a great premise." --Romancing the Book, Goodreads

Additional Details

ISBN: 9781633757288
Series: The Daughters of Amhurst, Book 2
Release Date: Jul 25, 2016
Page Count: 275
Imprint: scandalous
Genre: historical, historical regency
Tropes: bait and switch, right under your nose

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By Penny August 01, 2016

3.5 Save a Horse, Ride a Groomsman Stars

I can totally get behind a lady who wants to do things just the way boys do, having been a tomboy and all. To Win a Viscount was a fun and light story I enjoyed immensely.

Albina has her sights set on a certain gentleman who hasn’t acknowledged her presence for ...more

By Fizza July 26, 2016

Albina is willing to do anything to attract the attention of Marquess of Satterfield, who is clearly still in love with her sister. But her sister is now married ans very soon he will realize that Albina is far more suitable as his bride than Henrietta could've ever been. So now she is planning to r ...more

By Romancing the June 30, 2018

Reviewed by Rachel
Book provided by publisher
Originally posted at Romancing the Book

As a fan of regency romance, I’ve read a lot of different twists and turns within the genre. In To Win a Viscount, Frances Fowlkes takes a completely different and refreshing take on a great premise.

Lady Albina loves ...more

By Tammy July 25, 2016

Lady Albina is in love with the Marquess of Satterfield but he doesn’t know she exists. She plans to change all that by winning the Emberton Derby she just needs Edmund to do so. He plans to teach he more than just about racing horses. This was a good story, I liked the characters as well as the mes ...more

By Amanda August 08, 2016

4.5 heart-pounding hearts

Albina is not like her sisters, she will not accept others making decisions for her. She has her heart set on the Marquess of Satterwhite and she aims to make him her husband. Unfortunately he seems to still be holding a torch for her older sister, her very married older sis ...more

By April July 30, 2016

To Win a Viscount #2 in "Daughters of Amhurst" by Frances Fowlkes is a unique Regency Historical Romance. While, Book 2, it can be read as a stand alone. Set in 1820 England.
This is the story of Albina Beauchamp and Edmund White. Albina is in love with the Marquess of Satterfield, but he's only see ...more

By Melanie July 22, 2016

I loved this read by Frances Fowlkes. Along with the great story of Lady Albina and Edmund, I thought that this one also had a great overall lesson that we could all benefit from. It is about who the person is and not the title they hold.

Lady Albina had been trying to get the attention of a marques ...more

By Stacy July 25, 2016

I wasn’t quite sure what to think of Albina when I started reading To Win a Viscount. She frustrated me with her blind adoration of man who did not notice her at all. I admired her scheme for him to fall in love with her, even though I did not agree with it for surely it would lead to greater ruin. ...more

By Rosemary July 29, 2016

How does a lady attract the attention of the man she wants to marry? If your Lady Albina Beauchamp and the man is a horse mad Marquess, you become a jockey and win a derby while pretending to be a man. What could possibly go wrong? Mr. Edmund White is the master groomsmen for the Earl of Amhurst. He ...more

By Isha July 22, 2016

Albina knows what she wants but how far will she go to achieve it. As unique as her name Lady Albina is captivating. She has the gumption to dream bring and the heart to make her wildest dreams a reality. Her inner beauty and sense of adventure fly right off the page. Her willingness to achieve her ...more

'To Win a Viscount' by Frances Fowlkes is book two in the "Daughters of Amhurst" series. This is the story of Albina Beauchamp and Edmund White. I have read the previous book but feel this is a standalone book. Albina thinks she is in love with Marquess of Satterfield. But he does not notice her at ...more

By Barbara July 25, 2016

I was given a free copy of this story in exchange for an honest review. Albina just knows the Marquess of Satterfield is in love with her if she could get his attention. Albina hears him talking about the Derby and finds that the Marquess would show his admiration to rider and beast for winning. Alb ...more

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3.29 avg rating
Frances Fowlkes

About the author

USA Today Best Selling Author

Frances Fowlkes

After viewing her all-time favorite love story, "Anne of Green Gables", at the impressionable age of ten, Frances Fowlkes has been obsessed with affable boy-next door heroes, red-heads, and romance stories with lots of "highfaluting mumbo jumbo" written within their pages. It only seems natural then that she married the boy who used to pull on her curls in her high school English class, had not one, but THREE red-headed boys, and penned multiple love stories with bits of flowery prose. When not writing, Frances loves spending time with her family, fangirling, and planning her next vacation. Frances Fowlkes, originally a northern mid-westerner, now lives in the southeast with her ardent hero of a husband, three playful and rambunctious boys, and one spoiled standard poodle. A self-professed Anglophile and summa cum laude graduate of LeTourneau University, Frances Fowlkes combines her passion for happily-ever-afters with her interests in both American and English histories.

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