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Peek Inside Under a Storm-Swept Sky

An eighty-mile trek across Scotland’s Isle of Skye. A broken man. A damaged woman. Together, they’re about to make the perfect storm.

Under a Storm-Swept Sky

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An eighty-mile trek across the rugged, stunning beauty of Scotland’s Isle of Skye isn't something I imagined myself doing. Ever. This isn't a trail for beginners. And I'm not a hiker.

But I have to finish it, even if it kills me. I have no choice.

With the ever-changing weather and relentless terrain, I’m in over my head.

Rory Sutherland, my guide on this adventure, is not happy. We clash with every mile, but we recognize a shared pain. Not only is the journey a struggle, but the tension between us is taut with unsaid words. And hope.

He’s broken. I’m damaged. Together, we’re about to make the perfect storm.


“Beth Anne Miller hits it out of the park with Under a Storm-Swept Sky. Beautifully evocative and romantic, you feel as if you are right there with Rory and Amelia as they hike the treacherous countryside of Skye on a journey of discovery and love.” – Monica McCarty, New York Times & USA Today bestselling author of Going Dark

"It's impossible not to get swept away by this heart-pounding read.” —Kelly Siskind, author of Stud

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry. You’ll want to go take that hike yourself. I didn’t want this story to end!!!!” –Charlene F., Goodreads

This book had all the feels. I laughed. I cried. I sighed. I fanned myself whenever Rory spoke in that sexy Scottish accent. Seriously.” –Victoria B., Goodreads

“Absolutely hands down, loved it. This book doesn't miss a beat. From the very first page you'll be sucked right in and you won't want to put in down after it ends.” –Lori Z., Goodreads

“The romance here is really sweet, the chemistry enough to keep you warm on a cold Scottish night, and the bond formed by not just Amelia and Rory but some of the supporting characters as well is just wonderful.” –Samantha B., Goodreads

Under a Storm-Swept Sky is a beautifully written, memorable romance with a wonderful cast of characters which brought both tears of sadness and joy all whilst reminding me how lucky I am to be able to get in my car and 8 hours later be breathing in the clean Scottish air and fighting off the midges. My first read by this author certainly won’t be my last.” –Nicola A., Goodreads

Under a Storm-Swept Sky is riveting.” –Shelly S., Goodreads

Additional Details

ISBN: 9781640634862
Release Date: Apr 16, 2018
Page Count: 420
Imprint: embrace
Genre: contemporary, new adult
Tropes: bodyguard/protector, enemies to lovers, fish out of water, overcoming odds, road romance

Select Featured Reviews

See All Reviews on Goodreads.com
By ✰ D r i April 17, 2018

★ 5 stars!!! ★

“Sometimes just one person can truly make a difference in someone’s life.”

Eu tenho pra mim e acredito muito, que tudo o que acontece em nossas vidas, tem um porque. Certamente naquele exato momento não compreenderemos seu significado, mas que com o passar do tempo veremos que t... ...more

By Nicola April 03, 2018

Some books just call out for you to read them and whilst Under a Storm-swept Sky had my attention at the blurb—I love me a brooding Scot—it was what lay beneath that I quickly found myself lost in.

description Sometimes just one person can truly make a difference in someone’s life.

Set amongst the stunning... ...more

By Claire April 16, 2018

4.5 - "I kind of wish we could go back to hating each other..." Stars!

My first read by Beth Anne Miller, can definitely be classed as a winner. Having traveled to Scotland a few times myself over the years I was interested to see how the author would handle the dialect, and the descriptions of th... ...more

By Lisa April 18, 2018

4.5 Stars!

Review to come............

***An advance reading copy of Under a Storm-Swept Sky was generously provided to me via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. ...more

By Bookgasms April 08, 2018

After reading and loving A Star to Steer Her By last year, I kept placeholder in my calendar for this book for months. I had been greatly anticipating this story and y'all? It might have actually exceeded my expectations.

Under a Storm Swept Sky is riveting.

It's one of those books that appears to... ...more

By « Court (Take the Read) » April 05, 2018

First person, Dual-POV, HEA. Standalone.

This was such a SWEET love story. Bonus? It's set in Scotland, and I'm a sucker for a man with a Scottish brogue.

Rory and Amelia most definitely don't hit it off in the beginning. He's the tour guide leading her, along with a few other people, through the... ...more

By Ayekah April 01, 2018

Fantastical! I don't know where to start. The first thing I have to say is this is a must read. I loved it.
Absolutely hands down, loved it. This book doesn't miss a beat. From the very first page you'll be sucked right in and you won't want to put in down after it ends.

Amelia, travel weary flying... ...more

By Jeannine April 01, 2018

When I read the description, I had to check it out. Hike 80 miles, on purpose you say? Oh but wait, hike through Scotland with a grumpy hot guide? Sold! I don’t hike or do nature at all. The thought of doing everything in this book makes me want to spork both my eyes out, twice. The way everythin... ...more

By Lia April 10, 2018

I adore a surly Scot, and Rory Sutherland ticked every last deliciously grumpy hero box. A wild, sexy, and yet deeply emotional adventure that has me packing my bags for the Isle of Skye. My favorite new adult read in years. ...more

By Robin March 19, 2018

Warning: Reading this book will have you wanting to fly to Scotland immediately. I loved this book! The descriptions had me on every trail, under every sky, and feeling everything - it was breathtaking. But what I loved most was the beautiful relationship between Rory and Amelia. Their journey is... ...more

By Elaine April 17, 2018

I loved this story! It is a beautifully touching story with so many layers to it, like a tasty treat you just don’t want to put down till it is finished.

It is an amazing story of Amelia’s attempt to fulfil the dream of her close friend and complete the eighty mile trek across the Isle of Skye. S... ...more

By Samantha April 02, 2018

Another home run for Beth Miller!! A Star to Steer Her by was easily a favorite, and this was every bit as wonderful!

I loved the bickering between Rory and Amelia (they shall be Ramelia, said with a yummy Scottish accent!), and the sweetness and humor that Tommy added. It was really a great start... ...more

By Danielle March 28, 2018

Under A Storm-Swept Sky is a captivating story about a young woman who goes on a journey for her very best friend, even though it was a feat she never wanted to take on in the first place. I will admit it took me a few pages to really become interested in the story line, but once the angst kicked... ...more

By Kelly March 31, 2018

With a breathtaking setting and riveting romantic tension, I devoured Miller's latest. It's impossible not to get swept away with this heart-pounding read. UNDER A STAR-SWEPT SKY's broody Scottish hero, whirlwind travel romance, and gorgeous writing totally captivated me!

Amelia is determined to go on the adventure her best friend was supposed to take, but she never imagined going on the eighty-mile trek across Scotland's Isle of Skye would be so gruelling, even if she does appreciate how stunningly beautiful the rugged terrain is. Even worse, it seems Riley Suthe... ...more

By Donna April 13, 2018

I love travelogues and I love romance, so I was thrilled that this book rolls both of these genres into one powerful story! I kept thinking that the author had to have hiked the rocky, steep Skye Trail on the Isle of Skye in Scotland. Ms. Miller does an extraordinary job of vividly describing it... ...more

By Eva April 13, 2018

sometimes i judge books by their titles. and sometimes i judge books by their covers. and the best thing is when all my goodwill is rewarded by an incredible story. under a storm-swept sky is the story of two strangers who are carrying around guilt and grief and who have mountains to scale and mi... ...more

By Melena March 30, 2018

I absolutely loved this book!

Amelia and Rory seem to dislike each other almost from the moment they met on the van ride to the Isle of Sky. Rory is one of the guides for the 80 mile hike Amelia has signed up for.

Of course, first appearances can be deceiving, and the two slowly get to know each o... ...more

By Sara April 19, 2018

5 Stars!!

This is one of the best books I've read this year! Beth Anne Miller takes the reader on a beautiful emotional journey of healing and forgiveness.

Amelia arrives in Scotland to hike the very difficult Skye Trail in honor of her best friend who was injured in an accident and remains in a co... ...more

By Terry April 14, 2018

4 1/2 Breathtaking Stars!

This is an emotional journey through the breathtaking landscape of the Isle of Skye. The way Ms. Miller describes it, you just want to go and see the majestic countryside for yourself.

Amelia is going on a hiking trek on the Isle of Skye in Scotland and she's a novice who... ...more

By Victoria April 04, 2018

I received a copy of UNDER A STORM-SWEPT SKY on Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you to the publisher and author.

Five stars and here's why:

UNDER A STORM-SWEPT SKY captivated my interest from the get-go. I loved the cover, I loved the premise, and I’m a huge OUTLANDER fan, so I di... ...more

By Dana April 15, 2018

🌟🌟🌟🌟 1/2 stars!

Under a Storm Swept Sky, for me, was a soul searching read. When I first read the blurb, I knew I wanted to read it, why you ask? Well, because it is set in the Isle of Skye, Scotland (I love everything Scottish).

Once I started, I knew this story was going to be a great read. I’m... ...more

🌟🌟🌟🌟 1/2 stars!

Under a Storm Swept Sky, for me, was a soul searching read. When I first read the blurb, I knew I wanted to read it, why you ask? Well, because it is set in the Isle of Skye, Scotland (I love everything Scottish).

Once I started, I knew this story was going to be a great read. I’m... ...more

By Charlie March 29, 2018

I received Under A Storm-Swept Sky by Beth Anne Miller throughout NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
Amelia takes an 80 miles hike through the Isle of Skye because her best friend That was supposed to do it can’t, and it’s her fault.
Rory is a guide on the hike, he hates when Amelia pulls... ...more

By Stacy March 23, 2018

"Life is short, and in a careless second, it can be irrevocably altered or yanked away completely. And we need to live it while we can." Oh, this book! The theme of living your life to the fullest is artfully spun throughout this sweet, heart-pounding romance. I flew through this book, eager to f... ...more

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4.66 avg Goodreads.com rating
Beth Anne Miller

About the author

Beth Anne Miller

My love for the sea began when I became a scuba diver at age 14. That led me to a college semester at sea. I returned with fond memories of being on a schooner under full sail, less fond memories of hurling over the leeward rail on a daily basis, and a sailing bug I couldn’t quite shake. I also have a fascination for all things Scottish (including, but not limited to, men in kilts), which I explored with my first novel, INTO THE SCOTTISH MIST, and carried into my new novel, A STAR TO STEER HER BY (Entangled Embrace, March 2017). I'm a native New Yorker, and am always looking ahead to my next voyage, whether a short one on a dive boat or whale watch, or, with luck, a longer one on a tall ship.

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