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Peek Inside Venus in Blue Jeans

One night of mind-blowing sex isn’t the only thing that leaves Cal and Docia stunned. With Docia’s bookstore under attack, Konigsburg suddenly doesn’t seem so welcoming.

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All bookstore owner Docia Kent wants is a fling. And for her parents to butt out of her life for a while. The Texas Hill Country town of Konigsburg looks like the perfect place to get both. Especially when she gets a look at long, tall country vet Cal Toleffson.

Cal has other plans for Docia. One glance at this six-foot version of Botticelli’s Venus, and he knows he’s looking at the woman of his dreams. Now if he can convince her romance isn’t such a bad idea.

One night of mind-blowing sex isn’t the only thing that leaves them both stunned. With Docia’s bookstore under attack, Konigsburg suddenly doesn’t seem so welcoming.

Each book in the Konigsburg series is a standalone story that can be enjoyed in any order.
Book #1: Venus in Blue Jeans
Book #2: Wedding Bell Blues
Book #3: Be My Baby
Book #4: Long Time Gone
Book #5: Brand New Me
Book #6: Don’t Forget Me
Book #7: Fearless Love
Book #8: Hungry Heart


"Venus is very well written, has a great plot (with mystery, drama, and hunky goodness) and kept me coming back for more." --Jennie Smith, Goodreads

"I'm always surprised for some reason when ebooks are as good as any traditionally published book I've read. This is certainly one of those." --Ridley, Goodreads

"A fun, sexy contemporary romance in the tradition of Jennifer Crusie." --Manda Collins, Goodreads

"This book was adorable. It was really sweet and totally believable. Docia and Cal were all kinds of cute." --Bookishly, Goodreads

Additional Details

ISBN: 9781640633193
Series: Konigsburg, Book 1
Release Date: Aug 21, 2017
Page Count: 300
Imprint: amara next
Genre: contemporary
Tropes: overcoming odds

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By Jennie June 14, 2010

Sometimes we need a break from the reading that we are doing and Meg Benjamin’s series has done just that for me! Venus is very well written, has a great plot (with mystery, drama, and hunky goodness) and kept me coming back for more. When I read my romance novels I find (sometimes) that I have to t ...more

By Kelly August 07, 2010

Another freebie through Amazon that I liked. I feel like I'm on a roll. As the new vet in town, Cal has all the single ladies panting after him but he only has eyes for Docia, the aloof owner of a local bookstore. For her part, she's trying to fit into the small town of Konisburg and not make waves, ...more

By Ridley January 21, 2010

I'm always surprised for some reason when ebooks are as good as any traditionally published book I've read. This is certainly one of those.

I loved Cal, the vegetarian veterinarian in Texas, and Docia the trust fund baby who just wants to make it on her own. Their courtship is sweetly awkward at the ...more

By Manda March 24, 2010

A fun, sexy contemporary romance in the tradition of Jennifer Crusie. A tall, good-looking, good guy hero and a tall, good-looking, bookish heroine match wits against one another and some serious baddies lurking beneath the placid surface of small-town Konigsburg, Texas. I normally don't turn to Sam ...more

By Tara July 21, 2009

extremely enjoyable read. great cast of characters, sweet romance, interesting plot. just re-read in anticipation of the sequel. love a good series! ...more

By Heather in FL February 26, 2015

This was unexpected, though I'm not sure why. I think I thought it would be smuttier, but it's fine that it wasn't. That's not to say there was no sex, but a lot of it was fade-to-black. And again, it's fine. It left room for lots of story. I've read a few stories recently where the female MC was ta ...more

By Janga July 05, 2010

Dialogue so real and funny you'll wish you had overheard it at a local bar; Texas-size H/H in Docia Kent and Cal Toleffson(although he's a transplant from the Midwest), who have jobs they love that don't involve spies, corporations, or law enforcement; a suspense plot that gives a new wag to an old ...more

By SheLove2Read August 05, 2010

This was a cute fun read, my first by the author. Her style reminds me of a cross between Jennifer Crusie and Kristen Higgins: light and witty with a happy ending and a few pets thrown in. ;-)

Overall I'd give this a 3.75 star rating. I liked it but didn't go out of my way to continue reading. I prob ...more

By Maggie June 17, 2010

This was a HOT book and it was exactly the type of book I needed for my vacation. This was recommended to me by a fellow reader who heard my plea to get away from overbearing alpha type males. Nothing a hot, sweet, vet can't cure I assure you!

The writing itself is probably not worth 4*s but my enjo ...more

By Tonya August 06, 2010

I got this book free on my Kindle and wasn't sure what it would be like. The description sounded really cute and to be honest I thought there would be alot more steamy scenes just from the cover. I have to say I really liked this book, more than I thought I would. I will for sure read the next three ...more

By Bookishly March 11, 2019

This book was adorable. It was really sweet and totally believable. Docia and Cal were all kinds of cute.

There was nothing alarming about the book. Margaret probably needs a lot of therapy but honestly, don’t we all know somebody like Margaret. The people that are kind of backwards in their thinking ...more

By Emily June 09, 2019

Docia Kent moved to Konigsburg, Texas to get a fresh start. After her ex-fiancee truly revealed what he was all about, she dumped him and moved away. Now she owns a bookstore which she loves but the town of Konigsburg is still not as welcoming as she would hope after being there for so long and she ...more

By Lori March 26, 2019

Talk about a story that full of twists, gives you several smaller of points of view, keeps you guessing until the end, all while two people meet, get to know each other, and fall in love. The book is non-stop and is a fun read. I loved getting to know Docia and Cal. They seemed to really compliment ...more

By James a Schmidt October 27, 2020

“Venus in Blue Jeans “(Konigsburg Book1)

What a book,what a great author! This book started with a newer vet in a small town in Texas,a woman who owned a bookstore and a few other real characters! The curmudgeon of the town has it in for the bookstore owner and tries to block her at every turn,then g ...more

By Sharon March 06, 2017

More than just a sweet little romance

I liked this book. It caught my interest and kept it. I couldn't wait to finish the story and find out the ending. So okay, here's a bit more information. There is jealousy, revenge, people doing bad things, cats, dogs, and several sex scenes. This isn't erotica, ...more

By Pam June 10, 2019

Small town romance with a bit of mystery. Handsome young Veterinarian Cal is new to town. He notices the beautiful Docia (he refers to as Venus) when he is out one night with friends. Docia is also an outsider as a new arrival in Konigsburg operating a book store. Not everyone in town is receptive t ...more

By Ann March 29, 2019

Mystery and romance

Dolce Kent runs a bookstore in Koningsburg, Texas. She moved to Koningsburg to escape her parents and a broken relationship. As the "new kid in town", it has not been easy then she meets Cal Tolefson, the new veterinarian in town and their attraction is immediate. Unknown to Dolce ...more

By Hanna March 24, 2019

A new favorite author

A good sense of place, small-town Texans who are not cowboys, a major second string character who reminds me of someone I love to hate, two main characters whose melodramatic life-and-death struggle is truly creative, and plenty of laugh-aloud moments: truly a wonderful read. ...more

By Candice September 17, 2017


First book I have read by this author and was pleasantly surprised. A Texas romance with a few twist and turns. He is the new vet in town and she running a bookstore without the help of her family. Both outsiders in this small Texas town. Not going to give any more a way. You will not be di ...more

By Marcia May 22, 2019

This was a good who donit read. Cal & Docie have their story to tell which is actually pretty goo in the small town with both of them being transplants & history left behind. It was amazing how one woman in the town can intimidate people to her will & hate outsiders for just try to make a new place ...more

By Donna March 26, 2019

Venus ( Docia ) was six feet of beauty, Cal was six foot five feet of hunky veterinarian. When Cal ( Dr. Gorgeous ) saw her he was ready to claim her forever. True love never runs smoothly but Cal and Docia had lots of fun trying. I rated this book four stars. ...more

By Margarette Dibble March 25, 2019

5+ Star's

Wow, I would recommend this book to anyone that enjoys stories that are laugh out loud funny, steamy, suspenseful, and oh so romantic, with strong characters both male and female. ...more

By Bella June 07, 2019

A well-written and enjoyable story with some good characterisation and interesting plot twists. I did feel the male protagonist was a little one-dimensional and predictable, which is why this wasn't a five star read for me. ...more

By Marilyn March 29, 2019


This is one of those books with several twists and turns .the young woman in this story wants to prove she can make business a successful. ...more

By Kathryn March 23, 2019


I liked the part the cat and dog played, made for some smiles and laughter. The love story was good too. Cal was swoon worthy. ...more

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3.63 avg rating
Meg Benjamin

About the author

Meg Benjamin

Meg Benjamin spent twenty-plus years teaching writing and Web design in South Texas before pulling up roots and starting all over again on the Colorado Front Range. Her comic romances are set in the Texas Hill Country and the Colorado Rockies, which has given her the chance to sample some great wine and some wonderful food (research—it’s all research!). Her new Brewing Love series for Entangled has also given her the chance to get some experience with the wonders of Colorado beer (more research, honestly). Although she now lives in the foothills of the Rockies, Meg travels back to Texas regularly to visit her sons and her twin grandchildren. She and her hubs love to travel the back roads of the Rockies and you can find see pics of their adventures on Facebook and Twitter. For more information about Meg’s books, check out her website. Meg loves to hear from readers; contact her at [email protected]

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