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Peek Inside Wagering For Miss Blake

Mr. Giles Templeton wagers Miss Suzanna Blake that she’ll marry him. She has never gone against her parent’s wishes but all bets are off when happiness and true love lie in losing a wager.

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Mr. Giles Templeton, third son of the Earl of Wexford, is a rake of the highest order and a confirmed bachelor. Yet, marriage-minded-mamas continue to drag their daughters to his attention. He's everything a young lady of the ton could want—handsome, wealthy, charming, and kind. For Miss Suzanna Blake, though, Giles is missing the one thing her parents require in a potential son-in-law—a title.

Giles has a golden touch—investments, horses, connections but when he falls…hard for Suzanna, she turns him away, despite the passion sparking between them. At wit’s end, Giles wagers her that not only will she marry him but he’ll make her fall in love with him. If Suzanna wins, she gains a sizable fortune for her favorite charity but she faces a loveless marriage to a titled man. Though her heart yearns for a true love-match with Giles, she has never gone against her parent’s wishes. All bets are off when happiness lies in losing a wager.

Each book in the Lords & Ladies in Love series is STANDALONE:
* Seducing the Marquess
* Marrying the Wrong Earl
* Denying the Duke
* Wagering For Miss Blake
* Captivating the Earl


“I loved the lively banter and the chemistry between Giles and Susanna was truly heartwarming and had me championing them throughout the book. I’m looking forward to the next book in the series!” –Lori M., Goodreads

A witty story with lovely characters.  A lighthearted,  enjoyable and romantic read.” –Petula W., BookBub

A very charming and lighthearted Regency romance.  I delighted in watching the pair dance around each other , fall hopelessly in love and eventually finding a way to be together despite all the odds working against their favour. A lovely story and one I will recommend to all my friends.” –Inishowen C., Goodreads

Callie Hutton is a reliable go-to for a fun and romantic read.  The characters are interesting, well  drawn and passionate.” – Pamela J., NetGalley

Additional Details

ISBN: 9781640636026
Series: Lords & Ladies in Love, Book 4
Release Date: Jun 11, 2018
Page Count: 284
Imprint: scandalous
Genre: historical, historical regency
Tropes: bet/dare/wager, forbidden love/off limits

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By Suze June 11, 2018

Giles doesn't have a title, he's the third son of an Earl. He does have his own estate though and is a smart investor, so he's quite a catch. He's also devilishly charming and chivalrous. When Suzanna meets him there's an immediate spark, but there's a problem. Her parents only want her to marry som ...more

By Elaine November 29, 2018

This is another fantastic Regency romance with a rake who is reformed by love. In this story it is Mr Giles Templeton, the third son of the Earl of Wexford, who has a great reputation for having the Midas touch when it comes to investments but a real rake when it comes to women. However, when he fir ...more

By Gwessie June 15, 2018

Naughtiness 3 *

Absolutely beautiful read, utterly love this book, I very closely connected with both hero and heroine and was very much captivated through out. There were times I laughed, ranted (at their situation and for them), wept and rejoiced.

I won't give spoilers as always, but will say I love ...more

By Suzette May 15, 2018

A wonderful love story filled with wit and laughter. The daughter trying to please the grasping mother and then falling in love with the man she considers unworthy. The battle of wills ensues and love wins. Regency romance at its best. ...more

By Heather May 11, 2018

Giles is a persistent one, “I shall look forward to escorting you to the theater and on rides through the park.” He leaned close to her ear when she stiffened. “As I’ve said many times, I do not give up on something I want.” There are times Giles's woman seems to think her man has lost his mind, ".. ...more

By Devon May 13, 2018

I loved this book start to finish. I enjoyed Giles determination and pursuit of Miss Blake. Suzanna and Giles fit perfectly together. ...more

By Angela May 27, 2018

I liked that Giles set his path and achieved it. He had a few bumps along the way but overall his mind was set and he did not let naysayers dissuade him. Giles was very likeable and I loved his persuasiveness. Suzanna was what I would think women in that time were like – letting their parents determ ...more

By Pamela Flowers May 23, 2018

Callie Hutton is a reliable go-to for a fun and romantic read. The characters are interesting, well drawn and passionate. Our H spies our h across a room and is smitten, deciding to pursue her. He soon decides she is the woman he wants to wed, despite her protests that she wants to marry a man with ...more

By Maggie May 26, 2018

What a great book , not read very much of Callies work , and thoroughly enjoyed this .
Giles having no title would not be a problem for me he sounded perfect, a real gent and good looking / rich too .
I’m so glad we don’t have the same system of title hunting now , marrying for love seems so ...more

By Sofia June 10, 2018

I honestly thought that the book would end on page one. Giles was instantly in love with Suzanna and Suzanna was very charmed with him. I didn't think that there was a way to drag the story for 283 more pages, but I was proven wrong. Everything could have been solved faster if Suzanna's mother wasn' ...more

By Janet June 07, 2018

4.25 Stars
Mr. Giles Templeton, third son of the Earl of Wexford, is confirmed bachelor. He's everything a young lady of the ton could want handsome, wealthy, charming, and kind. For Miss Suzanna Blake, though, Giles is missing the one thing her parents especially her mother, require in a potential s ...more

By Lori June 09, 2018

Love at first sight, does it exist? Giles Templeton, the third son of an Earl, always gets what he wants. Or does he? When it comes to ladies they have clamored after him. But when he first sets eyes on Miss Suzanna Blake he is stuck with the arrow. Going right toward her to get an introduction, he ...more

By Suzannah November 20, 2018

Wagering for Miss Blake is book four in Lords & Ladies in Love by Callie Hutton. This is a wonderfully, romantic story that is filled with absolutely hilarious moments. When Mr. Giles Templeton falls head over heels in love with Miss Suzanna Blake, he finds that he must overcome some especially grea ...more

By Lori June 10, 2018

I really enjoyed Wagering for Miss Blake by Callie Hutton. She is becoming one of my favorite authors. I received an advance readers copy and am voluntarily reviewing the book.

Mr. Giles Templeton is the third son of on Earl. He has done quite well for himself. He sees Miss Blake across the room and ...more

By eyes.2c June 11, 2018

Trials and tribulations of a love struck rake!

Out of left field cupid's arrow strikes the 'marriage is not for me' confirmed rake, Mr. Giles Templeton, third son of the Earl of Wexford. A position Giles is thoroughly content with. It gives him room to be himself without the larger responsibilities o ...more

By Cheryl June 10, 2018

This was an engaging read. I liked the characters of Giles and Suzanna. Giles was a bit of a rascal but very determined to get what he wanted. Suzanna was very much under her mother’s influence and had been from a very early age. She wanted to marry for love but her mother wanted a ‘ title’. Suzanna ...more

By Bec June 15, 2018

Giles Templeton wants Suzanna Blake, but she's looking to marry a man with a title. However, he's not going to let that stand in his way. Getting her to change her mind is harder than he thought, but he's up to the challenge. Will Suzanna see that she and Giles are made for each other or will they l ...more

By Brenda June 08, 2018

Publisher's Description:

Mr. Giles Templeton, third son of the Earl of Wexford, is a rake of the highest order and a confirmed bachelor. Yet, marriage-minded-mamas continue to drag their daughters to his attention. He's everything a young lady of the ton could want—handsome, wealthy, charming, and ki ...more

By KriisGaia June 24, 2018

Giles Templeton is the son of an Earl but has no title of his own. In Wagering For Miss Blake, he instead has a gift for investments, is handsome, charming, and quite eligible.

Mothers of the ton have been throwing marriageable young women at Giles for years now. Who wouldn’t want a good-looking rich ...more

By books are love July 04, 2018

Received in exchange for a honest review.

This was a hoot. I loved how sassy Suzanna was to him. In the time era this takes place in having a sassy female lead who knows her mind is great. Giles was awesome with his tenacity and how forward he was in his respect of woman.

Giles is the perpetual bachel ...more

By Mary June 24, 2018

I dare you NOT to fall in love with Suzanna and Giles!! Suzanna is such a doll!! So sure of who she is, she knows what she wants, to fall in love, to marry for love...unfortunately for our heroine, she has an overbearing, title grasping Mama who wants her to reach for the one thing Mama doesn't have ...more

By Lori June 05, 2018

I love a book where it’s the hero pursues the heroine and has to prove that they are meant to be together.
Mr. Giles Templeton is a third son who has made a fortune for himself, some say he has the Midas touch. He never loses and goes after what he wants and gets it.
Miss Susanna Blake is in tow ...more

By Maria June 12, 2018

What a great fun read!
I loved the fact that Gilles a man with no title to inherit but everything else he had in, looks, and lucrative connections. Any young debutant and their marriage minded mamas would fall all over themselves to be noticed by him. A man not thinking of settlin ...more

By Lisa May 20, 2018

Sometimes author Callie Hutton is on fire. ‘The Elusive Wife’ and ‘Seducing the Marquess’ are witty and touching. ‘Wagering for Miss Blake’ is a very good novel, but it lacks the sheer brilliance of this author at her best.

Miss Suzanna Blake is a pretty debutante, but her mother is determined she wi ...more

By Michele July 02, 2018

Love historical romances and this one did not disappoint!!
This a story of Suzanna, who was told by her mother, under no certain terms, that she will marry a man who has a title. It does not matter that Suzanna only wants to marry for love because of what she has seen among other couples who do not ...more

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3.99 avg rating
Callie Hutton

About the author

USA Today Best Selling Author

Callie Hutton

Callie Hutton, USA Today bestselling author writes both Western Historical and Regency romance with “historic elements and sensory details” (The Romance Reviews). Callie lives in Oklahoma with several rescue dogs, two adult children, a daughter-in-law, twin grandsons and her top cheerleader husband (although thankfully not all in the same home!). Living in the Midwest provides plenty of opportunities for Callie do pursue her interests: researching history, meeting readers, spending time with her adorable two year old twin grandsons, and discovering new adventures. Callie loves to hear from readers and welcomes the opportunity to become friends, both in person or virtually. Find her online: and sign up for her newsletter at:

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