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Peek Inside Wedding Date Rescue

Firefighter Kent Wakefield has been burned before, and not just by fire. So when Casey Bradford, his best friend's off-limits, gorgeous little sister, asks him to be her fake boyfriend, he flat out refuses

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"A sweet tale of love, romance and understanding." - Carly Phillips, NY Times Bestselling Author

There is no faking the spark between them…

As a Firefighter, Kent Wakefield has been burned before, and not just by fire. So when Casey Bradford, his best friend's off-limits, gorgeous little sister, asks him to be her fake boyfriend, he flat out refuses. He doesn't do relationships, real or otherwise. But when his well-meaning, marriage-pushing mother corners him about his cousin's wedding, he panics and tells her he has a date.
After being left at the altar, Casey is out of options. She needs a boyfriend ASAP or she can kiss her dreams good-bye. Who better than her brother's emotionally-unavailable best friend, Kent. She may have nursed a childhood crush, but this arrangement will be purely platonic...that is until he kisses her and suddenly it gets a lot harder to remember it's all pretend.


"Delightfully charming!! Sonya Weiss creates story worlds I want to live in and characters I want to know. Casey is BFF material, and Kent defines the words sexy hero. Sharp, witty banter and the sweet, slow burn of friends becoming more...this is everything I love about romance!!" - Rachel Harris, New York Times Bestselling Author

 5 Stars "a genuinely wonderful story that'll leave you with a light heart and a smile. Ms Weiss has created relatable characters who are filled with so much personality that it is extremely difficult not to fall in love with them." - Reading Between the Wines Book Club
5 Stars "Sonya Weiss knows how to write a true romance novel with good build up to a love story. [...] Sonya reminds me of Kristan Higgins, Jill Shalvis and Susan Mallery rolled into one. She weaves a story of family, love and loyalty. Pick this book up as soon as it comes out and you won't be disappointed!!" - Lover of Big Books Cannot Lie Blog

5 Stars "Wedding date rescue is a funny, edgy, sizzling , captivating, entertaining, sexy , basically everything you would want in a romance book." - Urvashi, Reviewer
4 Stars "WOW! What a great story!! [...] This book was perfection. I love the friends to lovers trope, sometimes it works well, sometimes not. In this book Sonya nails it. Totally and I loved it." - Lori Z., Reviewer

5 Stars "Casey and Kent are such a cute couple and I loved their story. Friends to lovers is one of my favourite tropes and Ms Weiss did not disappoint- feel the sizzle! Highly recommended." - Lesley, Reviewer

4 Stars "This book is incredibly sweet. It is a pretty quick, light read that was absolutely perfect for the snowy afternoon." - Heather P., Reviewer
5 Stars "Adored this one!! A great combination of friends to lovers, best friend's little sister, and fake fiancee tropes made this one a winner for me. [...] I love the writing style of Sonya Weiss and these characters and the banter between them made this a very enjoyable read." - Bette H., Reviewer

5 Stars "The chemistry between them was apparent in the writing. The supporting cast supports the plot & provides additional color. I loved Casey's brothers & her best friend Josie! If you love friends to lovers & clean romance, you have to give this book a chance!" - Pam D., Reviewer

4 Stars "This was a cute, fun book that I read in one setting. I love a good firefighter romance. I will definitely be returning to read more in this series." - Sarah, Reviewer

5 Stars "a really fun, sweet and romantic story." - Sharon, Reviewer

5 Stars "Oh my!!! What a talk to my heart and make me cry book! The love those two have is so amazing. You can feel every emotion. Every sting of the hearts. I loved Casey and Kent's Story." - Karla, Reviewer

4 Stars "Who doesn't love a fireman and a fake relationship...what on earth could go wrong? This is a nice friend to lovers romance, it's a fun read and I just adored Kent and Casey together. A super book and a great start to a new series." - Sarah C., Reviewer

4 Stars "This book is well written with laugh out loud moments. Sweet and savory moments between Casey and Kent and you may tear up with Kent's version of romance. Well done." - Hilda, Reviewer

Additional Details

ISBN: 9781633758872
Series: Fire and Sparks, Book 1
Release Date: Feb 27, 2017
Page Count: 191
Imprint: bliss
Genre: contemporary, law enforcement/firemen
Tropes: friends to lovers, older brother's best friend, right under your nose

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By Elaine February 25, 2017

Casey Bradford runs a matchmaking service, helping women find their Mr Right but when her husband to be deserts her at the altar, it has a negative impact on her business, too! When her investors and backers are threatening to pull their money, Casey needs to take decisive action to keep her comp... ...more

By Robin February 06, 2017

I adored this book! Friends to lovers is one of my favorite tropes and Casey and Kent were so much fun to read about. I loved all the glimpses into their past that helped shaped their strong friendship and loved even more how they discovered the one person they couldn't live without was right und... ...more

By Suze February 27, 2017

Casey is from a small town and being left at the altar is something everybody knows and talks about. She has a matchmaking business, but it's suffering because she couldn't keep her man. She's being pressured by her investors to date someone again and to make it believable, so she can save everyt... ...more

By MsChris1161 March 15, 2017

I absolutely adored this latest book by Sonya Weiss. WEDDING DATE RESCUE is one of the sweetest, most romantic love stories I've read in a while. Kent and Casey are both just so charming with humorous and playful personalities. The way they teased each other was so fun to read. I was truly laughi... ...more

By Becky January 27, 2017

Take a hero firefighter, damaged both physically and emotionally, one woman desperate to save her business, bring them together to serve at cross purposes, and you have a genuinely wonderful story that'll leave you with a light heart and a smile. Ms Weiss has created relatable characters who are... ...more

By BookLovinJunkie February 03, 2017

Friends to lover stories always get to me. To think that your "one" has been with you the whole time. You already know everything about them , there is no "guess" work. I loved this story, and the strong female and even stronger male leads. It has me laughing, crying, walking away and counting to... ...more

By Jen February 28, 2017

Sweet and fun fake relationship / friends-to-lovers story! Kent and Casey are the perfect couple, even if they didn't realize themselves. They've known each other their entire lives, but as the little sister of his best friend, she has always been off limits to him. But with Casey's matchmaking b... ...more

By Bette February 13, 2017

Adored this one!! A great combination of friends to lovers, best friend's little sister, and fake fiancee tropes made this one a winner for me. Slightly damaged from a prior relationship Kent isn't looking for a new one no matter what his family thinks he should do. Casey just got jilted at the a... ...more

By Heather February 03, 2017

Sometimes when Kent speaks, he leaves no room for quetioning, "Im going to make love to you, Casey, and the first time is going to be powerful and fast and hard, because Ive wanted this for too long. I liked this book it was sweet, I loved Kent. ...more

By April February 27, 2017

Friends to lover stories are always my cup of tea and this is one that fits that category for me. Casey is a professional matchmaker who was left at the alter recently . Due to this, Her business is declining and her investors are worried. So now some people are suggesting she get someone to play... ...more

By Tanja December 23, 2017

This book just might be my favourite friends to lovers story. Everything about it was perfect. From the way they denied that they have feelings for each other to the way they ended up together.

I love Casey and Kent. These two were funny, sweet and even though they started out as a pretend coupl... ...more

By Lesley February 15, 2017

Due to close family friendships, Casey and Kent have been friends since they were babies and neither have realised that their feelings are no longer platonic. Casey's matchmaking business is threatened by the bad publicity of her fiancé Dominic jilting her at the altar and when one of her investo... ...more

Casey has a lot on her plate since being left at the altar. It's hard to run a matchmaking business when you can't even get your own happily ever after. In order to keep her dream alive, she needs to find a guy who will fake a relationship with her. Kent is her brother's best friend and the perfe... ...more

By Theresa February 27, 2017

This is a wonderful friends to lovers read. Kent and Casey have known each other since babies. They both need each other to fake a relationship but is it more and can they make it work. This was a great read and Sonya Weiss did a great job keeping you interested and know wanting to read what happ... ...more

By Mari February 28, 2017

I took a chance on this one on a whim since friends to lovers stories are one of my favorites. This was a quick and fairly easily read for me, the author put a lot of personality and story. Kent was damaged emotionally and physical and wanted to stay far away from all relationships. Casey was jil... ...more

By C.J. February 11, 2017

As a Firefighter, Kent Wakefield has been burned before, and not just by fire. So when Casey Bradford, his best friend's off-limits, gorgeous little sister, asks him to be her fake boyfriend, he flat out refuses. He doesn't do relationships, real or otherwise. But when his well-meaning, marriage-... ...more

By Isha February 26, 2017

ARC Review: Wedding Date Rescue (Fire and Sparks) by Sonya Weiss

What happens when friendship and romance collide? Sparks fly. With Wedding Date Rescue, I knew what I was in for. Romance, a little light humor and an irresistible time. I went in with the mind set that it would be a cute read and ca... ...more

By Lori February 21, 2017

Oh my goodness, this is about the sweetest book I have read. I loved both Casey and Kent from start to finish. Kent just reached and grabbed hold if the old heartstrings. And the flirty, fun, and friendly banter between them only made me love them more. Their story kept me hooked the entire time.... ...more

By Pam February 12, 2017

When Casey was dumped at the alter by her fiancée, Kent was there to shield her from as much pain & humiliation as he could. Just like he had been there all her life. They grew up together & were friends.

When Kent's girlfriend walked out on him after he was injured on the job, Casey was... ...more

By Julie January 28, 2017

ARC received via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

This was a 4 star for me. I loved Casey's character and her love of all things love. Kent was multi-dimensional and they were a good pair. The only thing that stumped me a bit was that I would've loved a bit more background into what ha... ...more

By Hilda January 31, 2017

I received this book via NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.

I started this book because I was having trouble engaging in another book and this book didn't waste time grabbing a hold and taking me on a journey. A friends to lovers seems to be catching my eye lately. I was crushed when the... ...more

By Karla February 02, 2017

Oh my!!! What a talk to my heart and make me cry book! The love those two have is so amazing. U can feel every emotion. Every sting of the hearts ...more

By Angel July 08, 2017

Casey runs a matchmaking service helping women find their Mr. Right. But Caseys future husband leaves her at the alter. It is bad for her business Casey has to do something to keep her company as her investors and backers are threatening to back out of her company. Casey needs a fake boyfriend/ b... ...more

By books are love March 05, 2018

Received in exchange for a honest review.

Kent was amazing. He was kind, gentle, funny and sweet. Perfect for Casey. And you could tell that he has loved her for years and denied it. Now though he is afraid. Since his horrible spiteful ex left him and what she said to him when she came back for a... ...more

By Jennifer February 28, 2017

Wedding Date Rescue was a story that I truly enjoyed. In fact, I was a bit upset that it wasn't longer as I didn't want it to be over. Casey has been humiliated by being left at the alter, and as she lives in a small town, everyone knows, and talks about her humiliation. Kent has been burned by l... ...more

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Sonya Weiss

About the author

Sonya Weiss

From the time she was a child, Sonya knew she was destined to be a writer. If she didn’t like the ending of a book or movie, she would write her own ending. When her children were young, she often wrote stories to entertain them. At the urging of one of her daughters, she submitted a short story and to her surprise and delight, it sold.  Sonya loves writing all things romance whether it’s writing contemporary adult or teen fiction and still hasn’t lost the wonder that she gets to do what she loves.   She enjoys reading, movies, chocolate, and laughter and credits her daughters as being the sweetest blessings in her life.

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