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Peek Inside West of Want

When Marcella Raines' twin brother dies, she honors his request to be buried at sea, never expecting the violent storm that swamps her boat. Zephyros Martius is the Supreme God of the West Wind and Spring. Ella is drawn to the vulnerability Zeph hides beneath his otherworldly masculinity. She and Zeph struggle to let go of the past, defend their future, and embrace a love that can be trusted.

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Betrayal is all he’s ever known, but in her, he’ll find a love strong enough to be trusted…

When Marcella Raines’ twin brother dies, she honors his request to be buried at sea, never expecting the violent storm that swamps her boat. Though she’s gravely injured—and still emotionally damaged from her recent divorce—Ella fights to survive. Zephyros Martius is the Supreme God of the West Wind and Spring, but being the strongest Anemoi hasn’t protected him from betrayal and loss. Worse, he’s sure his brother Eurus is behind it. When Zeph’s heartbreak whips up a storm that shipwrecks a human, his guilt forces him to save her.

Ella is drawn to the vulnerability Zeph hides beneath his otherworldly masculinity and ancient blue eyes. And her honesty, empathy, and unique, calming influence leave Zeph wanting…everything. When Eurus threatens Ella, she and Zeph struggle to let go of the past, defend their future, and embrace what they most want—a love that can be trusted.


"Laura Kaye's captivating writing and vibrant world-building will have readers hooked on the gods of the Anemoi. WEST OF WANT is steamy, spellbinding, and a must-read for all romance fantasy fans." ~Elisabeth Naughton, author of the Eternal Guardians series

"Sexy, emotional stories, powerful, evocative writing, a vivid and unique vision, and enough magic and mysticism to keep the most demanding reader satisfied, Laura Kaye delivers it all.  I love this series!"  ~Maggie Shayne, NY Times Bestselling Author

5 Stars & a RARE TOP PICK from Night Owl Reviews: "The two main characters Ella and Zeph were so down to earth that it was impossible not to like them....The pace of West of Want was absolutely perfect and incredibly easy to follow."

Urban Girl Reader Gives West of Want its 1st 5-Flower Review of 2012!: "As long as you like your sex hot, you'll be very happy with this book....Laura had me so tightly gripped into the story....If you haven't read North By Need, you will want to catch up on this great series...and pick up a copy of West of Want!"

5 Hearts from Sizzling Hot Book Reviews!: "It's a crazy passionate love story that will keep you up until the wee hours of the morning just so you can read that final page. Readers will definitely not be disappointed; West of Want is absolutely fantastic." 

Additional Details

ISBN: 9781620610565
Series: Hearts of the Anemoi, Book 3
Release Date: Jul 17, 2012
Page Count: 326
Imprint: select otherworld
Genre: fantasy, paranormal
Tropes: forbidden love/off limits, redemption

Select Featured Reviews

See All Reviews on Goodreads.com
By Claire April 12, 2014

4 - Poofing and M & M Stars.

No review as such, just a few pics and quotes to highlight some of my favourite parts of the book.

Laura Kaye is one of my "go-to" authors, when I am looking for a well written, sexy, entertaining read and she never lets me down.

Zeph - "There's just you and me."..... ...more

By Leslie September 05, 2012

I would like to suggest that "Women's Fantasy" become a new genre, because that's exactly what you get with Kaye's second book, West of Want in her Hearts of the Anemoi series. The hero, Zephyros, god of the West Wind and Spring, and his human heroine, Ella steamed up the atmosphere even more tha... ...more

By Heather December 12, 2011

Guys, you're not going to believe how awesome this book turned out. Zeph is hotness personified and I love that Laura takes readers deeper into the world of the Anemoi. My favorite read of the year so far! ...more

By Meaghan July 18, 2012

I loved the first book in this series, North of Need (review here) and was so incredibly excited to get my hands on West of Want. When we enter the world of West of Want we are following Zephyros and Ella. Zephyros is the Supreme God of the West Wind and Spring and has never been lucky when it co... ...more

By Heather July 26, 2012

With her believable characters, touching romances, and sizzling heat, Laura Kaye continues be a favorite author of mine. I can always count on Ms Kaye’s books for a touching romance story that I fully enjoy. West of Want is the second book in The Hearts of Anemoi series, and I am an official fan... ...more

By Pamela May 12, 2017

Love, love, love this series. Cannot wait for the next book. ...more

By Stephanie July 07, 2012

ORIGINAL POST: WEST OF WANT, Mars Comes in Like a Lion

West of Want
Hearts of the Anemoi, Book Two
Laura Kaye
Paperback 400 pages, e-book
7/10/12 Entangled Publishing
Received via publisher with no expectation other than a fair review. No remuneration exchanged and, except as noted all opinions are my... ...more

By Sue "DavinciKittie" July 15, 2012

See the full review, with Memorable Quotes and Recommended Reads on GraveTells: http://gravetells.com/2012/07/16/arc-...
(live July 16th)

Zephyros is the Supreme God of the West Wind, Guardian of Spring, and one of the four Cardinal Anemoi. If you read North of Need and remember Father-of-Time-rese... ...more

Review also posted at Under The Covers Book Blog

Ms. Kaye surprised me with this brilliant love story. Though I missed North of Need, I feel like I did not miss a thing. This book is well written with full background details and well developed characters. I actually was doubtful at first but as... ...more

By Lyndi March 16, 2013

"Zephyros Martius is the Supreme God of the West Wind and Spring..."

That shit made me snort out loud. I'm sorry, but it's just so pretentious sounding. I'll still read it, though.

And now that I've read it... I liked it, but I'm kind of embarrassed that I liked it. You know what I mean?

Zephyros (n... ...more

By GraceMyBookSnack July 14, 2012

Delve into the Realm of Gods!

North of Need is one of my favorites! I adored Megan and Owen's story! So it was natural that I highly anticipated its sequel.

“Undeniably, there was some connection between them, and he found himself flirting with the most dangerous emotion there was—hope.” --West of... ...more

By Tamara October 20, 2012

I can't believe I can only give West of Want 5 stars it deserves 10 at least! Laura Kaye has 3 series that I love. Every time a new book comes out I think "It will be good, probably great, but it can't possibly be as good as the first one" With West of Want I was sure this would be the case, beca... ...more

By Nicola August 06, 2016

If you loved North of Need wait until you read West of Want. This truly introduces to the Gods of Godliness and builds on what I can forsee as being an epic clash of the titans.

As for Zephyros; well Spring has always been my favourite season, and he is the finest reason why.

Sexy, sweet and heart-... ...more

By Ashley February 25, 2012

This book is fantastic. Sexy and steamy, with absolutely life-like characters that just capture you. Zephyros is officially my favorite god! ...more

By Marta March 09, 2016

3.5 to 4 stars. ...more

By Marlene September 28, 2012

This Dual Review was originally posted on Book Lovers Inc

Marlene: North of Need was one of those utterly marvelous stories that comes along once in a “blue moon”, a story that was absolutely magical. When West of Want came out, I was hoping for another fantastic experience, but unfortunately the... ...more

By MsRomanticReads January 16, 2012

Ella lost her parents when she was twenty, and when we meet her, she’s still grieving the recent loss of her twin brother, Marcus. Her marriage is over because her husband cheated on her with Ella’s best friend. Ella is infertile, and to add insult to injury, her husband knocked up her best frien... ...more

By Aurian December 24, 2012

Ella is doing the sad job of dispensing her twin brother’s Marcus ashes while on their sailing boat, True Blue, when a sudden storm surprises her. She is swept overboard, one of her arms not working anymore, still clutching the urn. Will she die here, in Chesapeake Bay? Her twin was only 30 when... ...more

By Michelle ♣ Ndayeni April 14, 2013

After the relatively lighthearted and fun romance in North of Need the series takes a more serious and emotional turn in this book. As if all the grief and angst that Zephyros and Ella are feeling because of their individual situations isn't enough, we also get the more sinister threat posed by Z... ...more

By Niina July 31, 2012

Ella has lost it all, her parents, her husband- cheating bastard - and her brother, releasing his ashes into the sea while on board their sailing boat True Blue a storm hits, even while a great sailor she can't fight the storm and as she hits the frigid water her world goes black and she believes... ...more

By Sarah May 26, 2013

Things haven't been easy for Ella, her parents are dead and she found out her husband was a lying cheat but it was the death of her twin brother that really tipped her over the edge. Ella may be grief stricken but her losses have just made her even more determined to live her life to the fullest,... ...more

By Sandy S July 30, 2012

WEST OF WANT (Hearts of the Anemoi #2) by Laura Kaye

WEST OF WANT is the second novel (July 2012 release) in Laura Kaye’s Hearts of the Anemoi series. Based loosely on Greek and Roman Mythology, the Anemoi are the gods of the directional winds-North (Boreas), East (Euros), South (Chrysander) and W... ...more

By Sophia June 13, 2013

I really loved my introduction to the world of the Anemoi gods and their connection to the four winds and the seasons when I read North of Need so I was very eager to continue the series with poor Zeph's story.

The story opens with a storm at sea for Ella Raines while she is taking her brother's a... ...more

By Rhianna July 08, 2012

Take the keys to the Anemoi kingdom and dive in!

Zephros Martius, Supreme God of the West Wind and Spring, hasn't been very fortunate in his relationships. As one of the Anemoi he's responsible for bringing his season but he finds himself eternally in conflict with his brother Eurus of the East. W... ...more

By Jessica May 10, 2017

I was given this book in a Goodreads Giveaway and I loved it and I can't wait to get the others in.

I would like to suggest that "Women's Fantasy" become a new genre, because that's exactly what you get with Kaye's second book, West of Want in her Hearts of the Anemoi series. The hero, Zephyros, g... ...more

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4.07 avg Goodreads.com rating
Laura Kaye

About the author

NY Times Best Selling, USA Today Best Selling Author

Laura Kaye

Laura Kaye is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of over twenty books in contemporary romance, paranormal romance, and romantic suspense, including the RT Reviewers' Choice Award Winner for Best Romantic Suspense of 2014, Hard As You Can. Laura grew up amid family lore involving angels, ghosts, and evil-eye curses, cementing her life-long fascination with storytelling and the supernatural. Laura lives in Maryland with her husband, two daughters, and cute-but-bad dog, and appreciates her view of the Chesapeake Bay every day.

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