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Peek Inside Wild Child

My life has been nothing more than subtraction, subtraction, subtraction. That is, until Natalie O’Brien walks back into my life with her sharp tongue and nerves of steel…and knocks me seriously off my game.

Wild Child

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I have never been to a place so tiny. Little Bear Island could fit in New York's armpit. Still a job is a job and, after surviving Afghanistan, what's twenty-four hours in podunk hell?

Providing private security for a celebrity wedding is nothing new...until I come face-to-face with Natalie O'Brien. The woman who chose someone else and kicked me to the curb six years ago. Time has done nothing to tame her. She's a red-headed beauty with a sharp tongue and nerves of steel who could seriously knock me off my game…

When my assistant bails, Natalie jumps at the chance to get off this tiny island. Now we're stuck criss-crossing the country in my SUV, with her tantalizing scent filling the cab and her smart mouth making me very...uncomfortable. Good thing the job will be over soon. So why does the thought of saying goodbye a second time make my heart stop?


“This is a sweet romance that will make your heart full.” –Becky W., Goodreads

“Natalie and Jax are a couple that you cheer for the entire time you are reading this book. The tension between the two makes for a very fun, gripping read.” –Kate G., NetGalley

“Not only was this story sexy, but it was very emotional. I wasn't expecting the ending to play out like it did, and I am so happy that these two got their second chance!” –Courtney H., Goodreads

I LOVED this book!!! I HIGHLY recommend it!!! I look forward to future books by this author.” –Jessica C., Goodreads

Additional Details

ISBN: 9781640635661
Release Date: Jun 18, 2018
Page Count: 366
Imprint: embrace
Genre: military/men in uniform, new adult
Tropes: boss and employee, coworkers, fish out of water, mistaken identity, reunited lovers, road romance, second chance

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By Ayekah May 27, 2018

In a nutshell, Jax and Natalie have a 6 year old history. Natalie never got over Jax and Jax really didn't think Natalie would leave and is still angry about what that. His life changed dramatically, her's did not. She's still on the tiny scrap of land she grew up on reachable only by ferry with... ...more

By Bette June 17, 2018

I really enjoyed this one. I went into it with no expectations since this is a new author for me. I was pleasantly surprised with what I found. The book is very well written and I adored these characters. The story had a nice flow as well as very well developed characters. The author did a great... ...more

By Heather May 15, 2018

Jax is just so hostile at times, “I look at you. J***s, I look at you all the time. I have to leave the room just to give my eyes a effing break.” There are times Jax grew some balls and told his woman what he wanted, “I want you here. Next to me. Every night. When I’m gone, I want to know that y... ...more

By Lindsi (Do You Dog-ear?) June 20, 2018

“I never spill hot coffee on my crotch,” he says as he shifts out of park. “Call it a gift.”

I received an ARC from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. My thoughts and opinions are my own. Also, the quote I used may have changed or been altered in some way, but I am quoti... ...more

By Romance Novel Giveaways June 18, 2018

I can't wait to return to Little Bear Island!

This is truly a wonderful contemporary romance series. I was enthralled by the first book, Summer Girl, and I was equally transfixed by this book (both are standalones).

I'll admit that I wasn't sure how the dynamic between Nat and Jax would play out at... ...more

By Adrianna June 10, 2018

This book was in a word, surprising. And I say that because I had absolutely no expectations of it. I had never heard of the author, so I really had nothing to measure it against. That being said, I really really enjoyed this one. Like read it in a few hours enjoyed it :) It's a an adult, second... ...more

By Ira June 12, 2018

Okay, I just read this book in one sitting, I guess that says a lot, right? Oh, don't get me wrong, there were parts where I was a bit annoyed and there were moments when I thought seriously but I'm still not sure whether it was the author's part or the characters' parts that upset me.

No matter w... ...more

By P.e. June 20, 2018

This book picks up where the last book ended. Plus you also get the back story of Connie Reyes who is now an attorney for a big law firm in New York, and Jonathon Pierce. Jonathon who has been disowned by his father now has started his own company and is very successful. Along with his partners t... ...more

By Jessica June 12, 2018

Let me start off by saying this is my first book by this author. This is the second book in this series, but I felt it was okay as a standalone. (I plan to go back and read book 1 once I have some more book money in JULY - I spent all my June allowance. *sigh*)
Natalie and Jax met and fell in love... ...more

By Sara May 31, 2018

The first half of this book was everything I love about second chance romances- it hooked me from the very beginning, it was angsty, and I didn't have to wait long for things to get developed. I really like the author's writing style and she did a great job of establishing the backstory without s... ...more

By Becky May 30, 2018

This is one fabulous second chance romance. Jax and Natalie have a bit of a history and are thrown back together for work years later, There seems to be a communication issue between these two at the beginning. But the more the work together the more the past comes back and those feeling come roa... ...more

By Shea June 17, 2018

This second chance romance had me roped in from the beginning. I loved Natalie from the moment that Jax described the girl he knew 6 years earlier but Jax is complicated mess now. This is a couple with a lot of obstacles to overcome and I appreciate the fact that it's not an easy road for them to... ...more

By Debra June 07, 2018

I read for a honest review for NetGalley.I really enjoyed reading this book. lot of chapters to read but I felt like I was a friend watching Natalie and Jax's storyline as they get to know each other after a 6 year hiatus after she left the band to go back home .To find out what happens next you... ...more

By Courtney June 11, 2018

Enjoyable read! The fact that Natalie and Jax refused to own up to the fact that they remembered each other made for some delicious sexual tension. It was so hot when they finally gave in to their feelings and got together. Not only was this story sexy, but it was very emotional. I wasn't expecti... ...more

By Laura June 20, 2018

Jax and Natalie met six years ago and had a passionate but short relationship. It ended when Natalie returned home to Little Bear Island. Neither forgot the other but six years is a long time to be apart and a lot has changed for both of them in that time. A wedding, a road trip, and some private... ...more

By Angela June 18, 2018

Smokin' hot summer read!!!

Six years ago Jax and Natalie met on a road trip and fell in love. What felt like forever turn into heartbreak when a big misunderstanding broke them apart. They haven't spoken or seen each other since, but when Jax drives into Natalie's hometown she decides to save fac... ...more

By Terry June 12, 2018

When Natalie was 18, she went on a road trip with her friends following a band and they picked up a hitchhiker (Jax). Their connection was instant and for 5 weeks Natalie and Jax couldn't be without each other. But when their trip ends abruptly, they go their separate ways. Six years later they m... ...more

By Angel June 19, 2018

Jackson/Jax thought as he got on the barge that he should not have taken this job. Jax is the owner of Sparke Investigations and this client hired his for security for a celebrity wedding. He has to meet the wedding planner -Katherine- at the landing. Then the man who takes Jax’s ticket says he w... ...more

By Michelle June 18, 2018

Loved this story! It was filled with realistic happenings, timelines, and events. I truly enjoyed reading this book and feel that it’s a great romantic suspense novel to enjoy this summer. The story was written in a reasonable, realistic manner and the plot keeps you interested throughout the sto... ...more

By Himanish May 27, 2018

My review is 4 stars.

This book is different in the start and completely different when the book, progresses to the end. This is my first read from the author and I would like to admit that I loved the way author expressed her characters in the book. I didn't feel for a single second that they wer... ...more

By Synergy Quest June 19, 2018

4.5 stars - Surprising good. I’ve never read anything from this author. While the blurb sounded interesting, I tried to keep my expectations low. There was no need for moderate expectations. Wild Child is a very gratifying read. I love second chances romances and Jackson was due for a good turn i... ...more

By Kristin June 05, 2018

"Thank you Netgalley and the publisher for the advance copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review."

Loved this book very much. It had just enough sweet romance and the storyline was great! I highly recommend! ...more

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4.11 avg rating
A.S. Green

About the author

A.S. Green

A.S. Green lives in the cold, upper Midwest with her husband and three children. She spends summers on Lake Superior, which is the muse for SUMMER GIRL as well as many of her young adult titles published under her real name. She is a sucker for down-to-earth heroes who work with their hands (if they play guitar, that’s an added bonus), and she enjoys all things Irish—particularly music, dancing, and Jameson. When she’s not writing or reading romance, she’s visiting book clubs, blogging for Writer Unboxed, or practicing law.

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