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Peek Inside Wolf on the Run

Cherise runs right into the arms of the biggest, baddest werewolf she’s ever seen. Cole senses she’s his mate, and he’ll protect her even if it means facing her former pack.

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Cherise and her mother had to run from their pack when everyone realized Cherise couldn’t shift. Now her mother’s gone, murdered by the hunters after them, and Cherise is all alone and out of options. When the people she’s running from catch up to her in Salvation, North Carolina, she’s saved by the biggest, baddest werewolf she’s ever seen.

Scaring off the intruders on his pack’s land is easy for Cole, but convincing the skittish woman the trespassers were after that she’s safe on Salivation land is another story. He recognizes her as his mate right off, and he’ll protect her no matter what, even if it means risking everything to face her former pack.

Cherise never thought she’d find a wolf she could trust, but she’s never met a Salvation wolf before now, and her mate is not about to let anything come between them.

Each book in the Salvation Pack series is a standalone story that can be enjoyed out of order.

Series Order:
Book #1 Wolf at the Door
Book #2 Wolf in her Bed
Book #3 Wolf on the Run
Book #4 Wolf from the Past
Book #5 Wolf on the Hunt
Book #6 Wolf on a Mission
Book #7 Wolf in his Heart
Book #8 Wolf in her Soul
Book #9 Wolf of Her Own


"All in all, a great story. Cole is sexy as hell." --Erin, Goodreads

"Our Ms. Walters can write the sexiest of werewolves and she always has a wee bit of humor just so these alpha wolves don’t get too stuck on themselves." --Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews, Goodreads

"...I loved this book! This is a awesome book definitely my favorite out of the series so far." --Rochelle, Goodreads

Additional Details

ISBN: 9781640630208
Series: Salvation Pack, Book 3
Release Date: Jul 31, 2017
Page Count: 273
Imprint: amara next
Genre: paranormal, werewolves
Tropes: bodyguard/protector, overcoming odds

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By Erin December 30, 2015

4 stars!

Wolf on the Run is the third book in the Salvation Pack series. Please note that while all the books in this series are interconnected, they can be read as standalone. I don't believe you lose anything if reading them on their own, but you will most likely want to read about the other couple ...more

By Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews October 27, 2014

Divine‘s review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews


Review copy provided for an honest review

With each installment of this series I am eager to read, review and then wait anxiously for the next. Our Ms. Walters can write the sexiest of werewolves and she always has a wee bit of humor just ...more

By Djg February 08, 2015

3 1/2 stars book 3 of Salvation Pack series

Cole and Cherise.

Cole is the quietest but biggest and strongest of the Salavation pack members. He turned out to be as sweet and sexy as could be hoped for.

Cherise and her mother have been on the run from her Kentucky pack for 12 years, as a werewolf who ca ...more

By Maria11 January 16, 2016

Ok this one had a different story line for the couple in question. It was interesting and quite a twist. Again the characters were well developed and the joining cast was great as always. You know what kinda is going to happen, but you read it like you don't. I know this makes no sense, but it is tr ...more

By Romancing the November 09, 2017

Reviewed by Nadene R.
Book provided by Samhain Publishing
Review originally posted at Romancing the Book

Wolf on the Run by N. J. Walters is the third book in the Salvation Pack series and it can be read as a stand-alone. The story started out with a bang thereby grabbing my attention immediately. This ...more

By Pet January 23, 2018

I had a bad start with this author, and it was pure accident that I ended up reading her work again, I'm really glad for it though. I'm loving the H's in these stories, they are wonderfully respectful and sweet. Which is vital for me to like a book:
Cole is a darling, a big, hard, teddy bear that I ...more

By CAROLYN January 04, 2018

When Cherise Michaels contracts an illness as a child - her wolf is killed - causing her to become an outcast from her pack. On the run, Cherise meets Cole from the Salation pack. Scared and untrusting- she fights adjusting to an unknown - although appealing - situation. Cole falls hard and fast for ...more

By Karen June 12, 2019

3.5 stars. ...more

By Book Snob August 12, 2017

Cole and Cherise. Cole's the big werewolf, that's extremely quiet....that means he's perfect *winks*.

Cherise is on the run because she's a full blooded werewolf that can't shift, so her pack wants her dead. She dreams of Salvation and goes there. Cole saves her from 3 of her pack...yeah, you read t ...more

By Cyn Mistress Kitty March 11, 2018

Love this series and loved Cole and Cherise. ...more

By Kat May 08, 2017

With each installment of this series I am eager to read, review and then wait anxiously for the next. ...more

By Joyfully Reviewed May 15, 2015

Cherise Michaels and her mother ran from their pack years ago when it was determined that Cherise could not shift into her wolf form. Now, several years later Cherise arrives at the apartment she shares with her mom to discover her murdered by wolves from their old pack. Now, Cherise is alone, scare ...more

By Rochelle November 13, 2014

OMW I loved this book! This is a awsome book definately my favourite out of the series so far. I loved the storyline and I really loved the characters. Cole is a strong, possessive alpha male who is the sweetest man and he cares alot about his friends and their mates. His out on a run one early morn ...more

By Angela April 30, 2016

I am leaving yet another lame review compared to my normal reviews because I've waited too long since reading the book to write it, again because I was rolling straight through to the next book in the series as I devoured them.

That said, I loved getting to back track in the series and witnessing ho ...more

By Kristen May 18, 2016

The big bad wolf finally got himself a mate even though she tried so hard to run away from the Salvation pack after they welcomed her in. I honestly didn't expect Cole to find his mate since he didn't like talking much but since Cherise came into the picture he opened up to her and showed affection ...more

By CoffeeTimeRomance December 09, 2014

N.J Walters is superb in the ability to draw the reader into the world she creates. I fell in love with Cole because wow who could resist? I love how Ms. Walters makes the other characters just as interesting as the main character which brings the reader back over and over. I know I am going back to ...more

By Sasha October 30, 2014

Another hit from the talented Ms. Walters

I am never disappointed when I step into one of Ms. Walters books, she is a master of paranormal romance! She is an automatic buy for me and should be for anyone who loves paranormal romance. The Salvation Pack is full of action, a little violence, sexy alpha ...more

By Sonia March 30, 2015

Love this series. Book three , if you enjoy shifters do not pass this up. Salvation Pack is different from other packs,they respect female, each other,and have each others back. Love Cole an alpha male,Cherise who turns out to be hunted by some of her former pack members can be a winer,but all in al ...more

By Avril November 03, 2014

3.5 ...more

By Shelley February 18, 2017

3.75 stars ...more

By Wendy November 04, 2014

Really enjoyed this book. Have not read the first to but plan on doing that soon. This book was plenty steamy and had a good plot and story to go along. ...more

By Amanda August 22, 2016

This is the first in the series because it is the first one I happened across at my library. It has made me want to go back and read the rest. ...more

By Donna November 01, 2014

I love this series it just keeps getting better and better! Wolf shifters, the pack and mates what could be better! ...more

By Richard Fish December 02, 2014

Good read

This group of tales of the salvation pack is a really good series I recommend it it is fun and exciting. ...more

By Polly July 03, 2016

Great series. Each addition is better than the last. I love that this pack is different, and, their name says it all. ...more

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4.02 avg rating
N.J. Walters

About the author

N.J. Walters

Once upon a time N.J. had the idea that she would like to quit her job at the bookstore, sell everything she owned, leave her hometown, and write romance novels in a place where no one knew her. And she did. Two years later, she went back to the bookstore and her hometown and settled in for another seven years. One day she gave notice at her job on a Friday morning. On Sunday afternoon, she received a tentative acceptance for her first erotic romance novel and life would never be the same. N.J. has always been a voracious reader, and now she spends her days writing novels of her own. Vampires, werewolves, dragons, time-travelers, seductive handymen, and next-door neighbors with smoldering good looks—all vie for her attention. It’s a tough life, but someone’s got to live it.

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