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Peek Inside Zone of Action

An exciting new title on Amara!

Zone of Action

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Former terror cell expert Audrey Jenkins has seen enough death and destruction to last a lifetime. When she uncovers her ex, Brett, a higher-ranking officer in her unit, selling military secrets, she turns him in and returns to the simpler life she has embraced since leaving the army.

CID Special Agent Cam Harris is a career military man with a strong sense of duty. When a military prisoner who once saved his life in Afghanistan escapes while in his custody, he requests the assignment to track him down.

Cam's manhunt leads him to Audrey's door. His prisoner—her ex—will resurface here, he’s sure of it. The feisty woman wants nothing to do with hunting down her ex, but when a terror cell she’s all-too-familiar with launches a deadly attack on army intelligence soldiers and officers, she knows it’s Brett.

Helping Cam is the right thing to do. But the attraction burning between them may be the mistake that gets her and Cam killed...


“Wow!  Hold on tight - this is a fast-moving book with lots of action and romance!” --Linda Q., Goodreads

“Great book! This book had a little bit of everything! It had intrigue and suspense, drama, funny at times some heartbreak and heartache! It definitely had some steam to it too!” --Debbie B., NetGalley

“Oh the drama! Oh the action! Oh the intrigue! Oh the explosions! Everything you could want in an action/military romance!” --Avin Reads

“Zone of Action is certainly the correct title for this new romantic/suspense thriller from Cathy Skendrovich.  The action is non-stop from the prologue to the final page.” --Patricia E., NetGalley

“Zone of Action by Cathy Skendrovich is a non-stop start to finish book that will make you grab on to your hat because if you don't you'll never find if you don't. She's a new author to me and I plan to catch up on her other books. It's totally worth all 5 stars and then some more.” --Teresa J., Goodreads

“Zone of Action was an engrossing story and an engaging romance. That was well paced and had moments of action, and a big twist as the story reached an exciting conclusion.” --/mags N., Goodreads

“Zone of Action is a fast paced, action packed romance that will grab you and make you devour it!” --Sue H., Goodreads

“This is an action-packed romantic suspense full of danger and intrigue.  Our characters have to foil a terrorist plot and don't know who to trust. A very exciting story that will keep you on the edge of your seat all the way through.” --Petula W., Goodreads

Additional Details

ISBN: 9781649370044
Release Date: Jul 27, 2020
Page Count: 400
Imprint: amara
Genre: military/men in uniform, mystery & suspense
Tropes: bodyguard/protector, coworkers, forbidden love/off limits, road romance

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By Kim Reads August 04, 2020

Zone of Action is the first book that I have read by Cathy Skendrovich and I was not disappointed. This book was full of plenty of action and suspense, not to mention plenty of steamy sex. The main characters had great chemistry and were very likable. More importantly, the story was actually very re ...more

By gabreadsbooks July 26, 2020

This is one of the best romantic suspense thrillers I've read in a while. Probably since I picked up Juno Rushdan's Final Hour series. Zone of Action is filled with non-stop action, adventure and romance.
I'm not too familiar with military lingo, ranks, etc. but I was never confused while reading. S ...more

By Becky August 06, 2020

Reviewed on my blog, Becky on Books, on 8/6/2020.

Zone of Action is a fast-paced romantic suspense story with two protagonists who aren't at all sure they're ready for the "romance" part of things--the "suspense" portion probably wouldn't have been their first choice either, especially since it's com ...more

By Helen September 01, 2020

Cathy did a magnificent job of writing this book (Zone of Action) that kept me on the edge of my seat! The suspense, twists and turns and romance in the middle of the many tense situations was exceptionally well done. She has a knack of grabbing my attention at the beginning and holding it racing th ...more

By Emma August 22, 2020

This is another amazing well written military-ops romance read. This thrilling story follows the characters Audrey and Cameron. This book is full of action, romance, drama and suspense. This is romantic suspense genre at its best with plenty of twists and turns through out the story. This book has w ...more

By Bette July 27, 2020

Zone of Action is a fast paced high action story as Audrey and Cam team up to track down the man that betrayed them both. Their story is exciting and the relationship between them is a nice slow build. There is definitely chemistry there and you can feel it all the way through the book. This book is ...more

By Suzette July 27, 2020

A fairly good story with lots of promise. Audrey is a kick ass female soldier who although no longer on active duty has not forgotten her oath. She turns in her ex and becomes embroiled in a terrorist plot. This brings CID agent Cam into her life. He is hot and hard to resist. It is a good mix of ac ...more

By Mags July 13, 2020


Zone of Action was an engrossing story and an engaging romance. That was well paced and had moments of action, and a big twist as the story reached an exciting conclusion. And I liked the two main characters Audrey and Cam. Who are both betrayed by fellow soldier, best friend and in Audrey's ca ...more

By Glittergirl July 20, 2020

This is the first time I've read Cathy Skendrovich and I found it packed full of action. It's one of my new favorite genres military-ops romantic suspense. This is about two individuals scarred by violence in the middle east, each dealing with it a different way. It's a twisty story about terrorists ...more

By Nikki July 09, 2020

Hang onto your hat! This book starts with a bang and doesn't let up!

Audrey hunted terrorists for a living. Pity that same skillset didn't help her ferret out her weasel of a boyfriend was a traitor - selling secrets to the highest bidder until she overheard him one night.
Now she has no faith in he ...more

By NICUnurse July 27, 2020

Cathy Skendrovich is a new-to-me author but the blurb of Zone of Action sucked me in. Always up for finding new favorite authors, I dove right in. I might need to add that I’m a romantic suspense junkie too. I blame Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys for planting that seed and Nora Roberts for nurturing ...more

By Jessica August 03, 2020

Terror cell expert Aurdrey Jenkins has seen too much death in her career. She figures out her ex a very high ranking officer that is in her unit is selling military secrets she turns him in. When she leaves the army she wants to have a simple life. Then she meets CID Special Agent Cam  Harris who is ...more

By Teresa July 05, 2020

**I received a copy of Zone of Action from Entangled Amara Publishing and Net Galley in exchange for a honest and voluntary review. My opinions were not solicited in any way**

Zone of Action by Cathy Skendrovich is a non stop start to finish book that will make you grab on to your hat because if you ...more

By Debbie July 21, 2020

A extremely well written romantic suspense that will have you on the edge of your seats A perfect mix of suspense drama and romance

Audrey Jenkins is certain her boyfriend Brett a soldier is cheating on her what she finds is so much worse he is a traitor betraying his country As ex military and a pat ...more

By Petula July 07, 2020

Audrey Jenkins has a new life outside or the Army.  Since her devastating failure cost so many lives there was no way she would stay. Her bad choices followed her into her personal life, now she's giving evidence against her ex in a court martial. 

Our heroine has suffered a blow to her self-confiden ...more

By Alicia July 22, 2020

The action in this book was non-stop. From beginning to end the story moved along at quite a rapid pace and before I knew it, it was over.

The prologue introduces us to the hero and antagonist who are serving in Kandahar at the time. Barely escaping an ambush Cam is rescued by Brent as they flee the ...more

By Patricia July 28, 2020

Zone of Action is certainly the correct title for this new romantic/suspense thriller from Cathy Skendrovich. The action is non-stop from the prologue to the final page. Cameron and Audrey feel sparks fly across a room before they actually meet, and when they need to pool their skills to try to stop ...more

By Dawn July 27, 2020

Zone of Action is just that - full of action! Audrey, a retired terror cell expert, and Cam, a CID Special Agent have great chemistry, but they meet each other at the worst possible situation. He's tracking down her ex, who escaped his custody after she turned him in for selling US military secrets. ...more

By Linda June 25, 2020

Wow! Hold on tight - this is a fast moving book with lots of action and romance! I loved the characters and how their pasts influenced their current circumstances. Audrey left her high pressure Army job and became a florist, while Cam left his Army position to become a CID investigator. When they ar ...more

By Denise July 28, 2020

This one caught my attention because of what it promised was inside. Audrey is a character that has spunk and spice with it grabbing your attention. She also thinks she is going to go to simple but if this turns out to be that I wonder what she thinks is hard. Cam is also another character that has ...more

By Alexandra July 27, 2020

Zone of Action by Cathy Skendrovich presents the story of Cam and Audrey. Audrey is a former soldier, and Cam is an army special. They got together while fighting Brett, Audrey's ex and Cam ex-bestfriend.
The story was pretty nice, but a bit too heavy for one book. I feel like it could have been cut ...more

By Cindy August 24, 2020

Every once in a while a book comes along with writing so sharp, description so vivid, and non-stop action that it you feel like you're watching a movie rather than reading. Zone of Action is such a book. From page 1 you are pulled in by compelling protagonists, antagonists so evil they can't get the ...more

By Gina September 14, 2020

Real and Vivid. I liked the way that Cathy Skendrovich wove her tale.

Characterization was huge in this novel. The characters were all very well developed and had their own motivations and faults. It made them seem more real to me as the reader.

I also really liked the flow of this novel. It felt very ...more

By Erin July 26, 2020

Cam listens to his gut and that’s saved his ass more times than he can count, but bad things happen when he doesn’t listen, it’s what makes him such a great soldier.
Audrey is a no nonsense ex-military woman who is just trying to focus on moving forward.
The two of them have one thing in common and ...more

By Rebecca August 24, 2020

Action packed
Suspense is right!!! Edge of your seat, rollercoaster of a ride!!

***I am voluntarily posting an honest review after reading an Advance Reader Copy of this story.***

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4.07 avg rating
Cathy Skendrovich

About the author

Cathy Skendrovich

Cathy Skendrovich has always loved a good story, and spent her formative years scribbling what is now called Fan Fiction. The current heartthrob of the time featured heavily in all her stories. Unfortunately, once she went to college, her writing took the form of term papers. Upon graduation, Cathy became a middle school English teacher. Along the way, she married her husband of now thirty-three years, had two sons, and moved to southern Orange County, California. She chose to work part-time in the school system there. She eventually joined the online writing site, Wattpad, and credits those followers for encouraging her to become a published author. She is a member of RWA, and writes contemporary romance for Entangled. Her Entangled titles include Prisoner of Love, available now, and the soon-to-be-released romantic suspense, Protecting the Nanny. She also has two historical romances published through Literary Wanderlust publishers. You can visit Cathy at her website,, Facebook,, Twitter,, and Instagram,

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